Qualtrics Unveils Employee Safety and Well-Being Solutions

Sandra Radlovački

The solutions provide insights and suggested actions for improving employees’ safety and well-being

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Qualtrics Unveils Employee Safety and Well-Being Solutions

Qualtrics has launched two new solutions aimed to help organisations improve employees’ safety and well-being in the workplace: Qualtrics’ Safe Workplace and Qualtrics’ Employee Well-Being at Work.

Jay Choi, Qualtrics Chief Product Officer, EmployeeXM, said: “The global pandemic has brought employee safety, health and well-being to the forefront of business priorities, and it can be challenging for leaders to know how to best support their employees.”

“Qualtrics’ safety and well-being solutions offer employers a science-based approach to understanding the evolving needs and expectations of their employees and making changes that meaningfully improve people’s experiences at work.”

Companies can easily gather safety and well-being insights by extracting employee data across social media platforms, review sites, company intranet and other digital workplace tools from recently-launched XM Discover.

Qualtrics’ Safe Workplace solution helps employers use various employee data to understand how safe they feel working in a physical environment. It can also help them find out if their organisaiton is practising safe behaviour models and offering protection against threats and vulnerabilities.

Qualtrics’ Employee Well-Being at Work solution reveals employees’ energy levels at work, as well as levels of trusting work relationships and motivation. The solutions analyses different indicators to illustrate employees’ state of well-being which are driven by four drivers: alignment, support, resilience, and balance.

The solution provides insights and suggested actions to employees and managers based on responses. Employees receive personal reports, while managers use intuitive dashboards to see how their team is doing and work together to improve the overall state of well-being.

Qualtrics has recently partnered with ServiceNow to integrate its CustomerXM with the ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform.

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