Salesforce Releases a Developer Platform for Slack

The company positions Slack at the center of its service as a software (SaaS) portfolio

Salesforce Releases a Developer Platform for Slack
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Published: May 2, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Salesforce has launched a low-code developer toolkit – known as Salesforce Platform for Slack – allowing users to build integrations and apps on the UCaaS platform.

After acquiring Slack in a $27.7BN deal last year, Salesforce started integrating the app into its service as a software (SaaS) solution portfolio.

Now, the company has introduced a developer platform that allows new workflows to run between Slack and its Customer360 apps. As such, developers can create actions and automations that connect various systems, making Slack their company’s central hub.

Highlighting the benefits of this, Rob Seaman, SVP of Product at Slack, said:

By making it easier than ever for Salesforce developers to bring their unique apps, data, and automations built on Customer 360 to Slack, where collaboration is already happening, Salesforce Platform for Slack helps make every conversation more insightful, customer-centric, and action-oriented.

By leveraging Slack in such a way, the platform will connect Salesforce clouds, enabling a stream of data to flow in and out of the messaging app.

With this data, companies may harness the platform to surface critical insights, which various departments share and collaborate on. Then, through Slack, developers can create new workflows, which allow companies to act on these insights quickly.

Discussing these new developer capabilities, Stuart Thomson, Solutions Architect at Kimble, added:

This toolkit will not only save our developers valuable time but make it possible to surface key product features within Slack to encourage collaboration, both internally and for our customers.

By providing the space to fashion Slack Apps on Salesforce without APIs, adding automatons into broader process orchestrations becomes much easier.

To further enhance the developer experience, the Salesforce Platform for Slack allows IT teams to work with their preferred Apex programming language.

As a result, business transformation time is significantly lower while developers can create the many possible Slack automations referenced in a separate news announcement. The release also highlights new features for Tableau.




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