Salesforce Ramps Up Its Automation Capabilities

Sandra Radlovački

The innovations connect Salesforce tools to automate business processes

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Salesforce Ramps Up Its Automation Capabilities

Salesforce announced new improvements to its suite of automation technologies – Salesforce Flow.

Indeed, Flow now allows businesses to build workflows on the Salesforce Platform that automate processes across Slack, MuleSoft, and Tableau.

These workflows may involve many systems, all connected through a single CRM platform, paving the way for new automation opportunities.

For instance, businesses may delegate work across global teams and digital channels, repetitive data entry, and much more.

Healthcare is an excellent example of where these new capabilities can deliver value, as it may automate referral processes and billing management to provide patients with the care they need.

Patrick Stokes, EVP and GM of Salesforce Platform, said: “Our customers save 109 billion hours every month using Salesforce Flow to automate manual processes in their businesses. This frees up time for employees to focus on higher-value work.”

“This is automation on one unified CRM platform. New features for Flow provide users the ability to trigger flows from analytics dashboards, use low code to easily integrate with any system, and interact with flows directly within Slack, where people spend most of their time. It’s more than just automation — it’s automagic.”

Alongside Flow in Slack – which combines Slack’s collaboration capabilities with Salesforce low-code automation tools, as Stokes referenced – Flow also drives this “automagic” through the following new features:

  • Flow Actions – It paves the way for customers to start workflows in Flow directly from a Tableau dashboard
  • Flow Integration – It enables admins and developers to source data from any system
  • Flow RPA – It allows customers to bring in data from any legacy system to action workflows.

Salesforce credits its automation platform for 1.3 trillion automated processes achieved in March 2022 alone, saving customers time and money.

The company has also recently revealed innovations that accommodate progressive CX strategies.

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