The Top Workforce Optimization Platform Vendors for 2023 

Leading workforce optimization platform vendors


Last Edited: May 30, 2023

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The world of work has changed drastically in recent years. Since the pandemic, concepts like remote and hybrid work have become commonplace, and companies have begun investing in new strategies to build more engaged, satisfied, and productive teams.  

Not only are employees demanding more from their employers, from greater levels of empathy to improved workplace technology, but business leaders are also beginning to understand the importance of properly empowering and utilizing their human resources. This is particularly evident in the contact centre landscape, where managers and supervisors need to ensure they’re effectively managing their teams, to preserve high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.  

Workforce optimization tools, either offered as standalone products or implemented into CCaaS and CRM software, help companies to manage everything from scheduling and staffing to employee engagement, in one unified environment. So which tools are delivering the most value in this growing market? Here are some top vendors offering workforce optimization tools in 2023.  

  • Avaya
  • NICE
  • Genesys
  • Talkdesk
  • Playvox
  • 8×8
  • Five9
  • Calabrio
  • Verint
  • OpenText
  • Vonage
  • Khoros
  • EvaluAgent
  • UJET
  • Eleveo
  • Alvaria
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Puzzel


Avaya empowers companies with a wide variety of software solutions, hardware, and platforms, covering everything from contact centre capabilities to unified communications. The Avaya Workforce Optimization platform integrates with existing contact centre technologies and provides business leaders with the tools they need to take full advantage of their human resources.  

The all-in-one tool allows users to record interactions and monitor service quality, ensuring high levels of customer and employee satisfaction, while boosting compliance levels. The solution also comes with tools which support supervisors in monitoring employee performance during interactions, as well as forecasting tools for staffing and scheduling.  

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Specializing in conversational intelligence and customer experience solutions, provides businesses with an all-in-one toolkit for boosting staff performance. The comprehensive platform offered by the company combines conversational intelligence with omnichannel routing and conversation management, reporting, analytics, and more. There are even real-time AI solutions available to support both supervisors and agents during conversations.’s technology gives companies new ways to unlock value in their teams with access to artificial intelligence. Not only does the platform help with scheduling and forecasting requirements, but it also comes with a host of useful tools for automatic quality assurance and agent coaching. Plus, intelligent analytics make it easier for businesses to preserve compliance and high customer satisfaction levels.  

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CCaaS and customer experience solutions vendor NICE offers a host of valuable products to today’s contact centres, including conversational AI and chatbots, interaction analytics, AI routing tools, and robotic process automation capabilities. The company’s complete suite of workforce engagement tools provides access to useful resources for quality and performance management, real-time interaction guidance, and call/screen recording services.  

The nice Workforce Management platform helps companies to hit SLAs with greater accuracy and engage their agents across multiple locations and channels. There are automation tools available for minimizing maintenance tasks, as well as built-in solutions for long-term planning, schedule management, forecasting, and more.  

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Offering solutions for a range of contact centre needs, Genesys delivers a portfolio of valuable tools to businesses, including contact centre software, digital engagement suites, AI bots and automation platforms. The Genesys Workforce Optimization platform can integrate with a company’s contact centre software, providing a range of ways to engage and manage employees.  

The solution comes with forecasting and scheduling tools to help business leaders ensure they’re making the most of their human resources. Within the ecosystem, users can also find speech analytics and text analytics solutions, voice and screen recording capabilities, automated training management services, and more. The end-to-end platform even includes intelligent reporting and analytics tools. 

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Focused on the customer experience landscape, Talkdesk produces contact centre platforms, AI-powered tools, and a host of other solutions specially designed to improve business interactions. The intelligent Talkdesk workforce management platform prioritizes employee experience and engagement with powerful AI insights and automation capabilities.  

Businesses can use the Talkdesk ecosystem to simplify and automate the process of forecasting customer demand and developing staffing and scheduling strategies. It’s even possible to schedule employee workflows based on their skills and knowledge. Plus, the platform comes with a convenient chatbot to help manage open-ended change requests and shift changes. There’s even an adherence monitoring system to offer behind-the-scenes insights into team performance.  

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Recognized by market analysts like Trust Radius for their contact centre workforce management technologies, Playvox helps companies to engage and empower their workforce. With built-in AI capabilities, the Playvox platform offers behind-the-scenes insights into opportunities for schedule and staffing optimization and provides guidance on how companies can reduce operational costs. 

The Playvox WFM solution offers real-time visibility into business operations to help companies keep service levels and budgets on track. There’s an interactive dashboard companies can use to monitor crucial KPIs, as well as a convenient platform where team members can manage shift swaps and time-off requests.  

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Offering modular and customizable solutions to modern contact centres, 8×8 helps businesses to leverage the bespoke technologies they need to run more efficiently. Built into the contact centre portfolio of products, 8×8’s Workforce Management technology simplifies the process of forecasting expected interactions, service volume, and work items.  

Companies can leverage the 8×8 technology to monitor and track schedule adherence with dashboards and automated alerts. Users can also automatically create schedules based on pre-defined criteria to ensure agents can deliver exceptional customer experiences. The workforce management system can also integrate with a range of other tools offered by 8×8, such as CX analytics platforms, speech analytics, and quality management services.  

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Five9 is a software as a service vendor focused on the customer experience landscape. The company offers a wide range of tools and solutions to business leaders, including CCaaS platforms, agent and supervisor desktops, and intelligent virtual assistants. Part of a comprehensive collection of employee engagement tools, the Workforce optimization platform offered by Five9 assists with scheduling staff, monitoring adherence, and improving workplace efficiency.  

The all-in-one solution helps companies to manage their staff with accurate multi-channel, multi-skill forecasts, schedules, and intraday management tools. The platform also includes access to interaction analytics systems, performance management tools with KPI monitoring, and CRM integrations. Interaction recording and quality management tools are also available. 

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With solutions covering everything from remote team management to customer experience and risk and compliance monitoring, Calabrio serves a wide range of contact centre use cases. The Calabrio Workforce Optimization (WFO) platform includes all of the tools businesses need to forecast employee and customer needs and schedule their human resources effectively.  

Within the platform, companies can find tools for monitoring quality management alongside solutions for business intelligence and analytics. The WFO solution also comes with gamification capabilities to help engage and unify workers, as well as compliant call recording tools and contact centre reporting capabilities.  

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Another contact centre software solution provider with their own dedicated workforce optimization and management platform, Verint has earned the recognition of leading analysts and groups such as G2 and Trust Radius. The WFO solutions offered by Verint are designed to meet the needs of evolving businesses with intelligent forecasting and business performance insights.  

Companies can leverage scorecards for a behind-the-scenes view of employee efficiency and effectiveness. Plus, the cloud-based platform allows organizations to create and adjust schedules in seconds, using an all-in-one system for managing teamwork across locations and channels. The platform even comes with pre-built integrations for multiple third-party sources to provide greater visibility and access to workflow automation opportunities. 

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Focusing on helping companies to empower their employees and unlock efficiency upgrades, OpenText offers a range of customer experience and employee experience management tools. The OpenText Contact Center workforce optimization platform includes a range of useful features, such as interaction recording for quality and compliance, agent scheduling and forecasting tools, and automatic interaction scoring and analysis.  

Businesses using the OpenText Qfiniti platform can take advantage of tools for desktop analytics and real-time agent guidance. There are solutions to assist with contextual coaching and online training, and even automated tools for collecting customer insights through satisfaction surveys.  

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Vonage partners with workforce management and optimization solution providers to help organizations optimize their contact centre resources. Users can fuse contact center infrastructure solutions with Salesforce and other digital channels to track and monitor customer support metrics. The platform also includes real-time agent adherence monitoring and statistics to help supervisors and managers track individual and group performance levels.  

Within the Vonage platform, companies can unlock visibility and real-time guidance for enhancing customer service interactions and workforce performance. Reports and analytics are available across the omnichannel customer service landscape for end-to-end journey insights. Plus, companies can also leverage Injixo workforce management as an add-on to help predict workloads, manage schedule adherence, and minimise staffing complexities.  

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Customer engagement platform provider Khoros offers businesses a variety of tools they can use to improve customer satisfaction levels and enhance brand reputations. The comprehensive Khoros cloud platform includes access to everything from agent efficiency monitoring tools to automation capabilities to help businesses maximise their resources.  

Companies can track team performance, schedule staff, according to changing needs and demand levels, and leverage a range of additional tools for boosting workplace productivity. Khoros also allows companies to develop their own community engagement platforms, where employees and customers alike can leverage tools for customized support and training.  

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QA and performance improvement company, EvaluAgent assists businesses in evaluating conversations and business performance on a massive scale. The complete EvaluAgent platform provides a useful tool for workforce optimization, allowing companies to track quality scores, feedback, CSAT scores and more in a simple, intuitive dashboard.  

With 100% coverage and insights into every stage of the customer journey, EvaluAgent allows business leaders to take full advantage of the intelligence they create, to build smarter, more efficient teams. The platform offers tools for automated workflows, automatic quality assurance, and a fully integrated reporting suite. Plus, businesses can utilize built-in learning and coaching solutions to help boost the performance of their teams.  

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UJET and Google have partnered to create a workforce optimization tool that helps businesses improve their customer service and employee productivity.

The tool leverages UJET’s cloud-native contact centre platform and Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to provide insights, analytics, and automation for various aspects of workforce management.

Features include forecasting and scheduling, quality management and workforce engagement.

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Eleveo delivers a WFO platform in the cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid environments.

In doing so, it goes beyond offering workforce management, quality assurance, and call recording solutions. The suite also includes speech analytics, screen capture, and video recording tools.

Yet, perhaps where Eleveo excels is in integrating its QA and coaching workflows, enabling a connected contact center learning strategy that bolsters agent performance.

Also, it has developed a reputation for offering very competitive price options, which is a crucial differentiator for the vendor.

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In 2021, Aspect Software and Noble Systems merged before releasing the Alvaria WEM suite.

The suite has particularly advanced WFM features, including cross-location shift management, dynamic scheduling, and simulations to test the various forecasting models native to the platform.

Thanks to these assets, larger and mid-market enterprises typically deploy Alvaria WEM, which is more suited to more complex user requirements.

A second critical differentiator is a tool named: “Alavaria Motivate”, a solution designed specifically to increase engagement amongst contact center sales teams.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services and tools designed to drive workforce optimization for businesses in the customer experience domain. With solutions like Amazon Connect, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend, AWS empowers organizations to enhance agent productivity, gain valuable insights, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

By leveraging AWS’s scalability, flexibility, and robust security measures, businesses can achieve their workforce optimization goals while maintaining data security and compliance. With its extensive partner ecosystem, AWS ensures a seamless integration experience for organizations seeking to transform their workforce optimization strategies.

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Puzzel is a prominent provider of solutions for optimizing workforce performance, enabling businesses to revolutionize their customer interactions.

With a comprehensive range of offerings including Puzzel Workforce Management, tools for monitoring and managing performance, real-time analytics, omnichannel customer engagement, scalability, and a customer-centric approach, Puzzel empowers organizations to maximize agent productivity, elevate customer satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency.

By leveraging Puzzel’s extensive expertise, businesses can elevate their strategies for optimizing workforce performance and stay at the forefront in the ever-changing realm of customer experience.

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