Verint Bids to Boost Contact Centre Recruitment with an Interviewing Bot

The bot is expected to “transform the hiring process”

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Published: January 23, 2024

James Stephen

Verint has launched an ‘Interviewing Bot’ that it believes will “transform the hiring process” within the contact center industry.

The bot applies AI to ease recruiter workloads and speed up the decision-making process.

Moreover, the bot is available 24/7. That means it can interact with candidates around the world at a time of their choosing.

Barbara Kosko, Content Marketing Specialist at Verint, outlines one of the key needs that its bot will fulfill: “How do you bridge this gap between candidate expectations and recruiter efficiency?

Imagine you had a smart assistant who helps you spot red flags during interviews and identify high performers who are more likely to stay and excel.

“The Verint Interviewing Bot does just that, 24/7, without ever getting tired or needing a vacation.”

Kosko also referenced the Forbes’ Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2023 report, which found that although over ten percent of full-time employees in the U.S. are working from home, 98 percent would like to work remotely for either some or all of the time.

The contact center industry is often very amenable to the possibility of remote working, particularly since the pandemic, making it a popular option for those looking to enjoy the freedoms of working from home.

With a larger influx of candidates, however, comes greater pressure on hiring staff to meet the demand.

The tools that they currently have to work with are limited, manual, and time-consuming. Enter the Verint Interviewing Bot.

Interviewing Bot Features

The Interviewing Bot uses various technologies to provide tests that will assess whether a candidate would be suitable for a role as a contact center agent, including ‘audiolytics’, LanguageIQ, data entry, domain knowledge, chat assessments, and a typing test.

Audiolytics is a tool that analyzes a candidate’s audio to gauge their engagement level, energy, and emotional characteristics.

LanguageIQ appraises a candidate’s linguistic fluency and proficiency, plus critical thinking and active listening skills.

The bot examines a candidate’s aptitude with data entry by getting them to translate audio into form fills and input information into a system.

In addition, the bot assesses candidates on their level of domain knowledge by finding out what they know about the hiring organization’s products, industry, and requirements using configurable quizzes.

Next, the chat assessment helps uncover the candidate’s ability to multitask with accuracy across three simultaneous chat conversations.

Finally, the Interviewing Bot provides candidates with a typing test to evaluate their speed, skills, and accuracy.

Verint’s Specialized Bot Strategy

The Interviewing Bot is just one of the latest releases that stems from Verint’s new specialized bot strategy.

In November last year, Verint announced that 50 specialized bots would be made generally available by the end of January 2024.

After this, it said it would release a further 50 100 bots by the end of this year to add greater support for contact center teams.

Other bots being released include the Interaction Wrap-up Bot, Transfer Bot, and Flex Bot (more on these here).

A final fascinating example is Verint’s new security and compliance bot, the Verint Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Redaction Bot. This enables companies to automate compliance, reduce risk, and protect sensitive customer data.



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