Verint Ensures Compliant Communication for Microsoft Teams Users

Verint allows Teams users to manage complex compliance regulations for communications

Verint gives call compliance to Teams
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Published: November 18, 2022

Ryan Smith

Verint has confirmed the availability of the latest version of its compliance recording integration with Microsoft Teams.

The Verint Interaction Recording solution helps heavily regulated businesses manage the complexities of regulatory compliance across all communication modes within the Teams platform.

The solution, which is Certified for Microsoft Teams, is designed to ensure that high levels of regulation can be maintained within a hybrid working setting.

David Singer, Vice President, Go-To-Market Strategy, Verint, commented:

“The combination of hybrid work, complex compliance regulations and increased adoption of collaboration platforms like Teams creates the perfect storm for organizations to have to manage and make sense of the multitude of interactions and communications streams being used in highly regulated industries.

“Verint Interaction Recording helps organisations leverage the latest digital collaboration channels while enabling them to take a total quality approach and ensure compliance with industry regulations and international banking standards.”

As a secure compliance recording solution, Verint Interaction Recording captures, stores, retrieves, and analyses Teams voice calling, chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, and other modes of collaboration.

The recordings can be managed from a single application via Verint Engagement Data Management (EDM) and stored in the Verint Engagement Data Hub.

The EDM solution brings together the management of disparate interaction data into one application and breaks down the data silos that complicate data management, governance, and compliance.

According to Verint, this helps data analysis reveal new insights from the holistic view of customer engagement in the Engagement Data Hub.

Pete Daderko, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Teams, said: “For customers in heavily regulated industries, the ability to implement automatic, policy-based recording and storage of Microsoft Teams calls and meetings is crucial.

“The Verint Interaction Recording integration with Teams helps ensure an organisation’s data is secured, protected, and compliant.”

The Verint Interaction Recording solution is available to users now via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Verint recently released its EDM solution for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone interactions.

The integration enables organisations to consolidate recorded Zoom interactions with customer interaction and feedback data from various sources.

In September, the company revealed its revenue from cloud products saw a 30 percent increase during Q2.

During the earnings call, Dan Bodner, Verint CEO, put the growth down to strong SaaS adoption across industries and geographies.

Throughout Q2, Verint bagged some marquee brands, including Ford, FedEx, and Citigroup, as they shifted their contact center operations to the cloud.



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