Visier Launches Visier NOW to Target Workforce Challenges

Sandra Radlovački

The suite launches with two ready-to-deploy solutions

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Visier Launches Visier NOW to Target Workforce Challenges

Visier, the globally recognised leader in people analytics and planning, announced Visier NOW, a new family of purpose-built packaged solutions. It is designed to specifically address today’s urgent workforce challenges. The Visier NOW suite includes:

  • AI-powered analytics and planning tools trusted by the world’s most recognisable brands
  • Pre-built questions, analytics models, and best practices targeted to a specific challenge
  • Whiteglove implementation and tailored support services.

Visier NOW launches with two ready-to-deploy solutions:

Retention Focus – an expertly designed managed service that provides an early warning system for retention risks, the specific drivers of employee turnover, and the tools for heading off employee exits. This packaged solution lets HR leaders, people managers, and executives get ahead of employee resignations and associated staffing issues before they happen.

Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer at Visier, said:

“The resignation wave is very real, with 20-40% of employees actively considering quitting their jobs. The standard approach to recruiting and backfilling roles simply won’t work at these levels of attrition. Organizations need data to get ahead of these turnover risks and take proactive steps to stop the exit. Retention Focus puts the power of these insights in every company’s reach.”

Guided Diversity Planning – this new tailored offering is the first and only purpose-built workforce planning solution available for achieving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals. Using Visier’s analytics and planning capabilities, this solution allows HR leaders and executives to set and work toward C-suite and board-level DEI goals, guided by data and predictive insights. This offering includes capabilities to:

  • Set DEI goals in accordance with baseline metrics and guided by industry benchmarks.
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to understand the impact of hiring and turnover on DEI goals.
  • Define calculated, attainable goals that hiring managers and other internal stakeholders can work towards.

Adam Binnie, Chief Product Officer at Visier, said: “Companies are under pressure to transform their organization to become accurate reflections of the customers and communities they serve.”

“Visier’s Guided Diversity Planning solution makes this goal an actionable program that produces actual DEI impact, not platitudes–which is exactly what customers, employees, and shareholders expect.”

The announcement of Visier NOW comes on the heels of Visier’s $125 million Series E fundraising, led by Goldman Sachs, which places the company’s valuation over $1 billion. Visier NOW is part of the company’s broader plan to launch products targeted towards specific business challenges, and increase adoption of people data across all lines of business.




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