What Can I Do With CPaaS That I Couldn’t Do Before?

From accelerating digital transformation to enabling composable applications, find out how CPaaS is changing CX

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Published: March 28, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

CPaaS offers a selection of cloud technologies and APIs, which allow real-time communication by inserting digital channels into customer journeys.  

Conventionally, brands have relied on fully-fledged, expensive contact centers and CRM solutions for this. Yet, CPaaS does so without resource-heavy infrastructure management and development.  

Thanks to its nimbleness, almost every consumer app has an element of CPaaS built into it – allowing businesses to send customers push notifications and leverage video.  

Yet, the possible use cases extend far beyond apps. CPaaS supports proactive SMS messaging, online click-to-call/chat/video applications, and the deployment of conversational AI. 

Without CPaaS, a brand would have to “rack and stack” its equipment, source its own APIs, and likely engage in lots of manual coding to open up such possibilities. 

Moreover, with CPaaS, businesses can benefit in the following ways.   

Exploit the Flexibility of Cloud Applications While Staying On-Prem

The first CPaaS platforms strived to empower developers with APIs. Now, they also offer low-code/no-code tools that allow – not only developers – but analysts and other business personas to create, iterate, and optimize new customer journeys.  

Large businesses with a desperate need for agility enjoy this as they can rapidly develop and orchestrate journeys without a full-scale CCaaS migration or any ripping and replacing.   

As such, CPaaS is an excellent way for contact centers to dip their toes into the cloud waters while also leveraging elements of AI and automation.  

After all, if businesses create journeys across WhatsApp, Apple Messages, Google Messages, or another new-wave digital channel using CPaaS, they unlock tremendous scope for chat automation.  

Such automation may help to cut the costs of opening them up and enable fluid experiences.  

Traditionally, the processing power it takes to employ these elements of AI is tricky for legacy contact centers to match. Yet, CPaaS opens up this world while allowing businesses to access best-of-bread AI solutions through marketplace libraries and assemble those on a cloud platform. 

For instance, CPaaS enabler HORISEN offers a Bot API, which connects its digital channels to cutting-edge conversational AI solutions.  

Handle the Explosion of New Customer Touchpoints

As the channel map broadens and new platforms emerge, the number of potential customer touchpoints explodes. 

For instance, customers may engage with the business through GPT-powered search, map applications, and third-party sites.   

As most organizations pinpointed CX as their number one differentiator, they must get used to this reality and allow customers to use the touchpoints they want.  

Moreover, consider the following statistic: four-fifths of consumers have switched brands because of a single bad experience 

Many view this through the lens of a bad service interaction. Yet, the reason could be much more straightforward. For instance, the customer may have wanted to use WhatsApp but couldn’t.  

To meet these new customer channel expectations, CPaaS solutions – like HORISEN Business Messenger –  offer the agility that allows businesses to get going quicker.  

With the high flexibility of adding new channels, businesses can communicate with their targeted audience across multiple channels like SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram, FB Messenger, Google Business Chat, RCS, Web Push, and add more based on their needs.    

Such flexibility is invaluable, with the average tenure of an executive not that long, CX directors don’t have much time to lead customer journey transformation projects. 

Give CX Teams an Agile Base to Pivot From

Five years ago, few would have predicted the varied channel mix customer use today – with new social media platforms, messaging apps, and immersive experiences. 

Five years from now, who is to say how this will change again? Without an agile foundation, businesses may spend a long time building something that soon becomes obsolete. 

Moreover, such an agile base may support emerging video and proactive communication applications, which are unlikely to fall by the wayside.  

Indeed, video – like many of us – received a shot in the arm during the pandemic.  

Historically, verticals such as healthcare, banking, and legal never used video. Now, many companies in these sectors have employed CPaaS-enabled video interfaces to talk to SMEs directly.  

Yet, this is just the beginning, with 5G enabling video-from-anywhere and creating new use cases that are difficult to dream of today. 

Pave the Way for Composable Applications In CX

Foundational CX technologies – such as CRM, CCaaS, and others – have already shifted to composable applications.  

CPaaS on the back-end has enabled this, allowing vendors to combine traditional development, packaged apps, APIs, and low-/no-code. 

As such, businesses can mix and match various applications and new customer journeys without involving a developer. 

Complex workflows still require developers, yet other personnel can take projects on and optimize them to take the load from IT.  

For example, this proved particularly worthwhile during the pandemic for governments to build notification applications and send SMS alerts. CPaaS offered a quick and easy way to achieve this.  

After seeing how well such applications worked, contact centers began to understand the benefits of the cloud, and the use of CPaaS applications has started to soar.   

Indeed, Statistica predicts that the CPaaS market – valued at $7.13BN in 2020 – will be worth $25.99BN by 2025.  

HORISEN: A CPaaS Enabler

CPaaS provides an agile, foundational platform that allows businesses to build various applications for their specific industries. 

HORISEN is helping CPaaS providers to create such platforms for their customers, serving up the cloud solutions and APIs that allow them to quickly innovate and future-proof their communication. 

Discover more by visiting: www.horisen.com

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