HORISEN Business Messenger Review: Much More Than a Messaging Solution

The solution offers a better way to utilize customer engagement channels

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Published: March 3, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Remember when businesses first started communicating with customers via live chat, WhatsApp, and social media channels? Often, they turned to boxed solutions. 

Unfortunately, these bolt-ons siloed data. As a result, many had headaches when the CX strategy evolved, and businesses wanted to add data from other systems into customer communications. 

Such limited integrability is a significant reason why many businesses now turn to tools such as HORISEN Business Messenger when adding new customer engagement channels to their roster.  

The CPaaS solution allows businesses to quickly inject new modes of communication into existing processes through APIs, improving customer experiences. Read on to learn more. 

HORISEN Business Messenger: Features

HORISEN Business Messenger brings together cloud technologies to help companies communicate with their customers across various channels. 

These include voice, email, and live chat. Yet, HORISEN Business Messenger also incorporates various messaging apps, social media platforms, and other channels, including Google Business Chat.   

Each connects to the other and – thanks to APIs – integrates with various other enterprise systems in the cloud and on-premise. Such systems include CRM solutions, contact center platforms, conversational AI, and more. 

As such, the tool facilitates omnichannel customer communication. While this may benefit service operations, marketing teams often leverage the tool. 

Why? Because it supports their outreach through each of the following additional capabilities: 

  • Admin Features – A portal presents a view of all customer accounts in one place, with data attached, which helps users when planning, sending, and tracking outbound campaigns.  
  • APIs – HORISEN’s Power APIs integrate Business Messenger with enterprise applications. An excellent example is its Bot API, which allows automated customer conversations.   
  • Campaign Manager – This allows businesses to segment customers, create outbound campaigns, test those, and gain performance insights afterward.  
  • Contacts Manager – With this feature, users can manage contacts or groups of contacts, add custom fields to enrich data, and track opt-in rates.  
  • Coupon Manager – The feature supports marketing teams in tracking customer footsteps and code redemptions, using that data to predict and arrange future campaigns.  
  • Easy Dialog – This is the collection of customer engagement channels. Each includes rich content – such as imagery, videos, and emojis – alongside insights into customer journeys, allowing the business to interact with customers.  
  • Reseller Modules – These modules allow businesses to customize their communications. One allows users to add corporate design, giving their customers confidence that the notification has come from their business. Indeed, many proactive outreach campaigns suffer when customers question the authenticity of a message – according to Gartner 
  • Subscription Manager – Manage customer subscriptions so they receive the appropriate content with this feature.   
  • Segmentation Wizard – The wizard filters contacts, uses custom field data for new segments, and creates lists of target groups to enable personalized messaging. 

HORISEN Business Messenger: Benefits

HORISEN Business Messenger offers the agility to improve customer experiences quickly.  

It does so by allowing businesses to stitch together customer touchpoints with back-end business systems, enabling the smooth transfer of data that brings new CX strategies to life.  

Thanks to such solutions, CX teams can create communication strategies that cover more channels and include rich media. Expect these to come increasingly to the fore as 5G introduces lots more bandwidth everywhere. 

Other trends, such as smartphone enhancements, accessible APIs, and the cloud economy, further increase the power of HORISEN Business Messenger. 

Now, these CPaaS tools give customers the right information, at the right time, and on the right channel. 

Who Needs the HORISEN Business Messenger?

HORISEN Business Messenger is ideal for businesses looking to engage with customers on channels outside of what is available in their CRM or contact center solutions.  

Indeed, many providers will not offer RCS, Google Business Chat, and Viner – for example. HORISEN does, and can fit these channels into the existing ecosystem to enable omnichannel.  

There are other CPaaS solutions that enable this, including Cisco, Vonage, and Twilio. Yet, these are also CCaaS players. Thankfully, HORISEN Business Messenger is vendor-agnostic.  

As a result, any business can blend its CRM or CCaaS solution with HORISEN’s CPaaS to handle all human and automated customer conversations across the same set of platforms.  

For this reason, HORISEN Business Messenger is an excellent option for companies that harness CCaaS platforms, which don’t include native CPaaS alternatives.  

However, it’s not only available to cloud users. Often, businesses turn to HORISEN Business Messenger as their first step into the cloud, connecting it to their on-premise systems. 

In doing so, legacy businesses can harness the flexibility of the cloud to connect their channels, leverage conversational AI, and kickstart proactive messaging companies. All the while, these operations may keep critical data loads on-premise.  

As such, the solution is also ideal for businesses taking their first steps into the cloud. 

Finally, the business may integrate each channel – through APIs – with a centralized CRM, enabling an omnichannel strategy. Doing so will future-proof customer communication. 

HORISEN Business Messenger Review: Verdict

HORISEN Business Messenger offers service and marketing operations a way to add new channels without creating data siloes. As such, it is a much better alternative to bolt-on solutions.   

Instead, it harnesses CPaaS to connect the channels to enterprise solutions, both on-premise and in the cloud. Businesses may then harness more data to bring new visions for CX to life.  

With such a solution, omnichannel communication, data aggregation, and proactive customer outreach are much closer than many would expect. 

To learn more about HORISEN Business Messenger, visit: www.business-messenger.pro  



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