Top Predictive Analytics Providers for Better CX

Rebekah Carter

Predicting needs for better CX

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Top Predictive Analytics Providers for Better CX

Customer experience is the most valuable differentiator your business has. As the marketplace continues to evolve, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for business leaders to stand out. If you’re responding to your customer’s needs as and when they arrive, you’re already falling behind.

The good news is Artificial Intelligence and technology innovation can help.

By combining data collection processes, analytics, and machine learning algorithms, business leaders can use data from the past to predict the future. Predictive analytics gives you an insight into what your customers need, how your business processes are evolving, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the best providers of predictive analytics tools.

1.    8×8

One of the most flexible providers of cloud communications and CCaaS technology available, 8×8 is changing the way teams access technology. Through the 8×8 Communications Platform on the cloud, you can access a host of analytics features, ranging from in-depth contact centre evaluations to instant alerts on customer and team trends.

8×8’s focus on innovative technology like artificial intelligence makes it easier for companies to collect and combine data from every potential interaction. You can customise your data collection strategy, using it to instantly pinpoint trends in client behaviour and update your customer service accordingly. Advanced navigation and reporting tools mean you can explore big-picture concepts and minute details in the same place.

You can even use 8×8 to find the root cause of customer issues and analyse the sentiment customers feel towards your brand.

2.    Talkdesk

Among the fastest-growing communication companies in the world, Talkdesk is on a mission to improve the communication stack of every business. For companies keen to get to know their customers, Talkdesk has features like Talkdesk Explore, a business intelligence tool intended to make data exploration easy through customisation and filtering.

Within the Talkdesk environment, users can easily access, curate, and analyse interactions with customers in seconds. You can get insights into current and emerging trends, as well as picking up information on customer sentiment and purchasing intent. Talk desk’s in-depth AI solution makes it easy to track the best opportunities and the biggest roadblocks in your business.

Teams hoping to set themselves apart from the crowd with next-level customer service can even identify process automation improvements for CSAT and NPS while arranging real-time alerts about service and product issues.

3.    UJET

UJET believes in delivering sensational customer experiences, in the new age of client interaction. As the world of human interaction continues to evolve, driven by the new trends that emerged in 2020, contact centres have had to transform too. UJET offers what it calls UCaaS 3.0, a contact centre system that issues contextual, predictive, and conversational CX.

In UJET’s state-of-the-art contact centre, you can unlock all the intelligence you need to understand what your customers need most from you, and how you can improve service experiences. The embeddable experience feels the same on smartphones and in the traditional contact centre. Plus, to strengthen your predictive insights, you can connect all of your interactions and CRM data in the same place.

The ultra-modern cloud solution unifies all of the omni-channel strands in your contact centre to help you understand what it takes to deliver truly frictionless experiences to customers. You can automate parts of your customer service journey and get insights without compromising on privacy.

4.    Vonage

Vonage is one of the market leaders in customer experience and cloud communications. When the company partnered with NewVoiceMedia recently, it unlocked a new range of features to make life easier for companies in search of the ultimate CX experience. Through the Fliptop platform, Vonage can now give customers a fully predictive solution based on state-of-the-art data science.

Companies can easily score opportunities and leads in their pipeline and get insights by connecting thousands of different internal and external data strands. The truly predictive platform created by Vonage provides businesses with everything they need to improve sales and customer loyalty. Combine that with Vonage Conversation Analyser, and you can understand your clients like never before.

The AI-enhanced analyser service from Vonage can integrate with your sales and service cloud to track things like customer sentiment and expectations. You can also set up things like predictive and intelligent routing, to streamline the path to resolution.

5.    RingCentral

Another example of a true innovator in the communication landscape, RingCentral has been delivering sensational cloud experiences for several years. One of the many things that companies can do with the RingCentral platform, improves CX by uncovering patterns in their customer activities and client relationships.

RingCentral’s immersive data mining solution allows you to collect insights from multiple data points in a single integrated application that supports the entire omni-channel contact centre. You’ll have access to real-time metrics and KPIs on a dashboard you can customise to suit your needs. Users have access to predefined and custom report settings so you can share analytics with stakeholders and teams too.

With instant access to trends and changes in customer interactions and intelligent speech and text analytics technology, there’s no limit to what you can learn. RingCentral makes it easy to pull meaning from the most complex conversations. You can even pair trends with automation strategies to change the way you manage daily discussions.

6.    NICE / Nexidia

The NICE and Nexidia brand are working together to transform the future of customer service and experience through immersive CX solutions. One of the most recent additions to NICE’s comprehensive contact centre offerings is the arrival of NICE Enlighten AI. This end-to-end offering gives companies the power to upgrade customer satisfaction by diving into the patterns behind trends and customer demands.

You can access real-time interaction guidance through Enlighten, with an AI that leverages purpose-built behaviour models behind the scenes to support agents in proactively self-correcting their activities in the moment with your customers. NICE also offers sentiment scoring, which can help business leaders to get a better overview of the factors that matter most to their CSAT and NPS scores.

The NICE range of AI solutions makes it quick and easy to discover what really matters to customer satisfaction with both post-interaction and real-time analytics that measure subjective behaviour trends. Machine learning algorithms built into the system will uncover insights in a fraction of the time of using human assessments. There’s also support for predictive behavioural routing to help automate the way you deliver amazing customer service.

7.    Uniphore

A digital-first company with a focus on cloud-heavy customer experience, Uniphore is a leader in CX. This brand offers a range of tools intended to update and enhance the way that companies and customers connect in an increasingly virtual environment. Through the conversational service automation platform offered by Uniphore, business leaders can easily optimise, personalise, and automate interactions in the new era of service.

Uniphore specialises in creating seamless, frictionless experiences powered by huge volumes of data and extractable actionable insights. The U-Analyse feature makes it easy to see trends in customer behaviour and expectations, so you can pave the way for more predictive service options. You’ll also have access to automation features that can improve agent performance and compliance.

Leverage AI to optimize every customer conversation and discover new patterns in customer conversations and demands faster than the competition.

8.    Twilio

The market leader in flexible CPaaS solutions and API integrations Twilio is an innovator in build-your-own customer experience solutions. When you build your contact centre through Twilio’s APIs, it’s easier to link multiple components of the customer experience together. This ensures that you can combine accurate streams of data from different environments and use that data for your predictive analytics strategies.

Access to state-of-the-art cloud communication systems makes it quick and simple to leverage analytics both in real-time and through historical reports. Twilio also has its own Twilio Flex Insights data model that helps to structure and support the relationships between various contact centre entities in a DIY CX environment. There’s no limit to the connections you can create with one of the world’s most flexible CPaaS offerings.

With help from Twilio, you can easily drill down into the high-level metrics and KPIs that make the biggest difference to your customers and your brand reputation. As your contact centre grows, simply create more connections to maintain your alignment.

The Leaders in Predictive Analytics

Virtually every market-leading contact centre solution provider and CX innovator in the modern marketplace understands the value of analytics for business growth. Predictive analytics gives companies the freedom to get one step ahead of the competition in any industry and create unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

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