10 Contact Center AI Providers for 2022

Discover how artificial intelligence can supercharge the contact center and CX teams

10 Contact Center AI Providers for 2022
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Published: March 17, 2022

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The use of AI for CX is growing, particularly at customer service touchpoints. Nearly three-quarters of contact centers already use AI in multiple use cases, and 77% of this group have reduced costs as a result. These findings from a 2021 study by Observe.AI make a clear business case for leveraging AI and incorporating various forms of the technology into the contact center environment.

Here are examples of AI providers that can assist contact center teams in delivering compelling experiences and improving their efficiency.

1. AWS Contact Center Intelligence

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a host of cloud-based AI and machine learning (ML) services. Designed for developers and IT teams, these enable IT companies to build their own AI applications.

AWS Contact Center Intelligence also provides a set of prebuilt AI algorithms for CX use cases like self-service, real-time analytics, post-call analytics, and agent assist. These may then integrate seamlessly into the existing CX technology stack.

2. Avaamo

Avaamo is a conversational AI solution that automates inbound calls, optimizes outbound campaigns, and tracks its impact on CX through multiple metrics.

Users may also harness Avaamo analytics capabilities for sentiment analysis, tracking compliance, and highlighting broken processes.

3. Bright Pattern AI

Bright Pattern provides bots so that companies can deliver omnichannel experiences at scale. Leveraging speech and voice recognition to authenticate customers, the solution may also streamline contact center security processes and lower handling times.

Implementing voicebots across the voice channel is an excellent example, evolving traditional IVR processes and automating parts of calls – such as collecting customer information – and simplifying the agent experience. These bots can also offer self-service and agent-agent assist capabilities.

4. Engagely.ai

Engagely.ai is an AI solution for multilingual customer experiences, offering a bot to automate customer queries. Its bots also support agents, proactively feeding information to them in real-time to deliver better service experiences.

Each bot solution works in 120+ languages and offers language translation when assisting agents.

5. Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive provides a set of AI-powered bots such as its TaskBot – which automates customer tasks like booking appointments and renewing a subscription.

The company also offers an InfoBot, making it easier for customers to search an organization’s knowledge base and find answers to their queries.

The HelperBot provides contact center agents with assistance and contextualized information. Meanwhile, the CoachBot analyzes interactions to give agents feedback on how to improve CX.

6. Google Contact Center AI

Like AWS, Google offers cloud-based AI services for developers and IT teams. These are available within its Contact Center AI solution, built on Google’s Dialogflow CX, which offers conversational AI.

In addition to Dialogflow for customer assistance, Google Contact Center AI offers call analysis capabilities to derive feedback.

7. Level AI

Level AI provides contact center QA teams with the tools to automate quality scoring, thanks to a conversation monitoring engine that measures performance against scorecard criteria.

8. NICE CXone

NICE CXone applies AI to many of its contact center applications. Yet, it also offers standalone products, such as its Enlighten AI for CX, which provides customer journey analytics, simplifying journey orchestration, and isolating potential pain points.

Enlighten AI also aids in compliance management. For example, it ensures financial institutions adhere to the UK standards for fair treatment of customers as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

9. Observe.AI

Observe.AI offers a speech analytics solution that automates the measurement of customer satisfaction, sentiment, and intent by simply assessing conversational transcripts. As a result, contact centers can remove irritating surveys and manual processes while gaining more accurate insights.

10. Webex Contact Center AI Solutions

Webex Contact Center AI offers open APIs if users wish to build a custom AI app for their business. These apps empower agents with “context, insights, and intelligence” to deliver better customer service experiences.

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