3 Modern Contact Center QA Challenges (and How to Overcome Them With AI)

Improve agent, customer, and business outcomes by using AI to evolve your contact center quality assurance (QA) strategy

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3 Modern Contact Center QA Challenges (and How to Overcome Them With AI) - CX Today News
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Published: April 25, 2024

Robbie Pleasant

When you run a contact center, you want to ensure your customers are getting the best help possible and end every call satisfied. At the same time, you need to ensure agents are properly equipped to handle any questions or challenges that come their way and feel empowered to do their jobs well.

This is what makes quality assurance (QA) so essential. Good QA processes can ensure that agents can provide excellent customer service, as well as keep an eye out for potential issues as they appear.

However, there are still many challenges that contact center managers face when trying to implement truly effective QA. New and developing technology, such as the AI-powered Auto QM from MiaRec, has made it possible to overcome many of these obstacles, so let’s look at some of the top challenges of quality assurance and how to overcome them.

1. Limited Visibility

One of the first major challenges for QA in any contact center is the lack of visibility into their calls. Yes, contact centers typically record all their calls for quality assurance, but how many can managers really review?

In a typical contact center, managers can only review around one to five percent of calls. That does not provide a proper overview of the contact center’s performance, and even hiring more supervisors will only increase it by another small percentage.

Additionally, when supervisors do review calls, their reviews are prone to human error and biases. It can be difficult to get a truly impartial review of any customer interaction.

So, if no human supervisor can possibly review 100 percent of calls, and their reviews may be biased, what’s the solution? The key is to use AI-powered quality assurance technology that can quickly analyze every call, using Natural Language Processing to understand the conversation and accurately score them based on predetermined criteria.

2. Underutilized Data

Contact centers are a treasure trove of information that can provide valuable insights into performance, customer satisfaction, trends, and potential problems to address. However, all that information is scattered across hundreds of conversations and can be difficult to leverage.

All that scattered data is impossible to find, sort, and analyze without the right technology.

This is where AI-powered analytics shine. Advanced analytics tools powered by AI can analyze vast quantities of data, identify new insights, and determine new ways to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

3. Lack of Automation

QA can be a time-consuming task when done manually. However, implementing automation tools can also take up time and resources, especially if they’re added without a full understanding of what benefits they can provide.

However, once a contact center adds the right automation tools, the benefits become clear. AI-powered automation tools can manage repetitive manual tasks, such as manually reviewing calls, thus freeing up agents and managers to tend to more pressing or complicated matters. This, in turn, improves the overall speed and efficiency of the contact center, allowing them to help more customers.

How AI Addresses These Issues

In each of these QA challenges, the solution lies in AI. Good AI-powered tools can review and score 100% of a contact center’s calls while gaining new, actionable insights from the many conversations and interactions. At the same time, AI-powered tools can efficiently automate time-consuming tasks, giving agents the time and focus they need to properly help customers and provide a great service.

With the right tool, contact centers can ensure their agents are engaged and efficient. For instance, with MiaRec’s AutoQM, you’ll get:

  • Full automation, streamlining the QA process and freeing up managers for more pressing concerns
  • AI scorecards that can review every call quickly and accurately
  • Full visibility into conversations, including topical and sentiment analysis
  • Actionable insights drawn from agent performance, customer behavior, and overall contact center operations

Quality assurance can be a challenge without the right tools and technology to support it. Thankfully, companies like MiaRec are creating the tools contact centers need to ensure they’re delivering an excellent experience for their customers every time.

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