8 Insightful E-Commerce Case Studies To Read In 2023

CX case studies from the e-commerce industry

8 Insightful E-Commerce Case Studies To Read In 2022
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Published: March 2, 2023

Rebekah Carter

As the e-commerce environment continues to grow in a post-pandemic shopping landscape, companies from all environments are under increasing pressure to show they can deliver the right experiences online. Implementing the right CX tools ensures e-commerce companies can provide their consumers with meaningful, digital-first transactions for the era of online shopping.

CX solutions in the e-commerce environment include everything from online loyalty programs for modern shoppers to CCaaS solutions which engage a digital consumer base. Today, we will be looking at just some examples of companies using CX initiatives in the e-commerce space.

Yotpo and PSD

PSD Underwear, a men’s and women’s underwear brand partnered with Yotpo to improve its customer retention and loyalty. Yotpo helped PSD Underwear to personalize its messaging strategy, collect and analyze customer feedback, and create loyalty programs.

As a result, PSD Underwear experienced a 5x increase in orders per loyalty customer, a 411% increase in review generation through SMS requests, and a 625x ROI on abandoned cart flows.

The results of this case study show that Yotpo’s customer experience platform can help businesses to improve their customer retention and loyalty. Yotpo’s platform provides various features that can help businesses personalize their messaging strategy, collect and analyze customer feedback, and create loyalty programs.

Content Guru and Interflora

Interflora, a world-leading florist company, struggled to manage its growing customer base. The company found that its contact centre was inefficient and unable to keep up with the volume of customer inquiries.

Interflora turned to Content Guru’s storm solution, which allowed the company to route all interactions through the correct lines, eliminate wait times, and improve efficiency. The storm solution also allowed Interflora to gain a fully transparent insight into customer traffic and capacity with real-time and historical reporting.

As a result of the storm implementation, Interflora can now deliver 75% of online orders within 4-5 hours. The storm solution also enhanced efficiency in the contact centre and unlocked new opportunities for the company to retain customers and boost brand loyalty.

8X8 and aCommerce

One of the leading e-commerce enablers in Southeast Asia today, aCommerce provides end-to-end a la carte solutions for e-commerce to brands throughout the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Recently, the company discovered a rising number of customers searching for more flexible mobile interactions with e-commerce brands. This prompted the brand to seek out a solution for quick and efficient SMS service for e-commerce companies.

8×8, with its innovative 8×8 SMS API and a wide range of additional contact centre solutions, offered the perfect opportunity for aCommerce to embrace a new channel for service. The solution now offers comprehensive tools for SMS service to client brands through 8×8 technology.

Talkdesk and Hunter Douglas

A leader in CCaaS solutions and customer engagement, Talkdesk recently worked with intelligent window fashions brand, Hunter Douglas, to improve its CX initiatives. Though Hunter Douglas had already been utilising several tools for customer service before their interaction with Talkdesk, the company noted its previous solution lacked the sufficient insights and reporting required to help them make intelligent business decisions.

A desire to constantly innovate and deliver custom-made solutions for customers prompted the Hunter Douglas team to search for a CX solution that would allow for these all-important analytics. The Talkdesk solution, capable of integrating seamlessly with the company’s existing technology, stood out as the perfect solution.

Genesys and Banzai

Serving an average of around 18 million customers every month, Banzai is a company with a massive impact in both the e-commerce and retail market. According to the brand, much of the success of their sales team comes from the decision to run their e-commerce sites on the Genesys Customer Experience platform. The solution allows the company to optimise processes and offer customers better service across the digital landscape.

Banzai’s partnership with Genesys means the company can now empower agents to manage customer conversations seamlessly across multiple channels, from a single desktop application. This convenient combined environment also paves the way for more intuitive insights, reports, and analytics.

Freshdesk and PosterGully

A company committed to selling high-quality posters and art pieces online, PosterGully believes in the importance of delivering exceptional customer service to keep orders rolling in. After trying a number of products for managing customer orders and conversations, Bharat Sethi, the CEO and Founder of the company discovered Freshdesk. He said the service was simple, easy to use, and intuitive – perfect for his growing business.

From the customer side, PosterGully says that the portal and software for Freshdesk are practically impossible. However, on the back end, the solution means it’s easier for the team to keep track of important information about customer tickets and requests. The service even makes it seem like customers are speaking directly to Bharat.

Yotpo and Princess Polly

Fashion-forward clothing company Princess Polly is a global brand with 200 employees working between two offices in Australia and Los Angeles. Since becoming a global brand, the brand’s need for a comprehensive e-commerce solution which could unify the customer journey and keep up with the company’s rapid pace of growth has skyrocketed.

Fortunately, the brand discovered Yotpo, a tool allowing all-in-one, unified technologies to collect customer feedback and connect with clients over SMS. According to Princess Polly, the solution was a perfect choice, as it allowed for a global customer service strategy that could scale at the pace of the brand.

Oracle and Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond, one of the better-known companies in the home accessories market, recently chose Oracle to help deliver customers a more immersive e-commerce omnichannel experience. With Oracle’s retail and finance solutions, the Bed, Bath and Beyond brand was able to improve its ability to predict and meet inventory demand, better serving customers in the process.

The homeware brand was even able to launch a number of different initiatives during 2020, including Buy-Online-Pick-Up-In-Store and curbside pickup offerings. This strategy has helped drive significant sales growth across all categories for the organization.

Zendesk, Skinnydip, and Cult Beauty

For both Skinnydip and Cult Beauty, customer experience is at the heart of every positive decision-making strategy. The companies sell to more than 2 million customers annually, making life extremely busy for the customer service team, which only consists of around 40 people. As the last couple of years led to many challenges for Cult Beaty and Skinnydip, they had to offer customers a broader range of contact options.

Thanks to the Zendesk Help Centre and Help widget feature, Skinnydip and Cult Beauty were able to drive better experiences for customers by allowing for a more consistent and streamlined digital service experience.

HubSpot and CODE41

When the CODE41 company first launched with around 15,000 members, they knew they needed the correct tools to help them market their products and manage the pipelines of services and sales. Since implementing HubSpot, one of the most advanced tools for flexible sales, service and marketing technology, the company has experienced significant growth in all areas.

HubSpot, with its free CRM and wide range of customer experience tools, has helped Code41 to optimize the entire customer journey, starting with email marketing and expanding to cover all the aspects of personalized customer experience.

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