Amazon Connect Partners: Which Is Right for You?

How to choose the right Amazon Connect partner

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Published: March 11, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Amazon Connect, the cloud-based contact center solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a powerful tool for elevating customer experience. Combining omnichannel interactions with artificial intelligence, agent productivity tools and analytics, Amazon Connect empowers businesses of all sizes. 

  Amazon works together with a variety of certified partners, ready to work with you to configure, implement, and optimize Amazon Connect for your specific business needs. 

The challenge for most businesses is in figuring out which partner to work with.  

Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision for your cloud contact center. 

What are Amazon Connect Partners? 

Amazon Connect Partners are reputable vendors who work with AWS to help businesses design, deploy, operate, integrate, and scale their omnichannel cloud contact center solution. They provide organizations with an effective way to access superior customer service, at an affordable cost.  

The flexible Amazon Connect ecosystem supports two primary types of partners. Service offering partners (validated by the AWS service delivery program), configure and deliver the Connect service to customers. They have a deep understanding of Amazon Connect and follow best practices to optimize the return on investment from your contact center.  

Software partners offer value-added and supported products that extend the native functionality of the Amazon Connect experience. These solutions are validated by the AWS Service Ready Program. Companies investing in AWS technology can leverage support from both types of partners, to enhance their cloud contact center strategy, and minimize complexities.  

Last Year, Amazon announced the introduction of “Amazon Connect Ready Specialization, specifically designed to help companies find partners that can help them launch their new Amazon Connect Contact Center. Companies like Local Measure have already earned both specializations, and were announced as the launch partner for the Amazon Connect Ready designation.  

How to Choose an Amazon Connect Partner 

Amazon maintains its own partner directories, where users can browse through available vendors with experience in offering AWS-ready services. All of these partners are validated by Amazon, ensuring they offer a combination of exceptional support and functionality to business leaders. 

The question is, how do you choose the right vendor for your needs? 

Step 1: Assess Your Requirements 

The first step in choosing the right Amazon Connect Partner for your business needs is establishing what you want to accomplish with your cloud contact center. As mentioned above, some partners specialize in configuring and implementing AWS solutions. Others offer businesses the opportunity to extend the functionality of their cloud contact center with new features.  

There are even partners who can offer a combination of both services, supporting teams with implementation techniques and technical support, as well as delivering bonus tools and integrations. For instance, if you want to optimize your contact center with a CRM integration, you may choose to work with a partner that can offer a Salesforce CTI adapter for Amazon Connect, as well as accelerated time-to-value with quick implementation and set-up.  

Step 2: Examine the Service Experience 

The best Amazon Connect partner will always provide companies with an intuitive way to increase their contact center ROI and improve their experience with Amazon Connect. Exploring exactly how each partner will help you make the most of your investment is crucial to success.  

For instance, companies like Local Measure offer a complete  CCaaS solution called Engage a pre-built contact center platform for Amazon Connect. Their team of AWS-certified solution architects work with businesses to ensure their new cloud contact center adheres to the needs of their business, agents, and customers.  

Plus, they have in-house implementation teams, to get your cloud contact center system up-and-running in no time. They also offer end-to-end technical support, with a dedicated team responsible for customer success.

Step 3: Focus on User Experience 

Amazon Connect is designed to improve both customer and agent experiences simultaneously. The partner you work with to implement and enhance this service should follow the same guidelines. Look for a partner ready to help you make the most of user-focused features.  

A good Amazon Connect partner should make it easy to configure the omnichannel inbox for your agents, leverage pre-built digital channels, and implement personalization into every conversation. They should give your agents the tools they need to perform their job efficiently.  

This means looking for a vendor that enhances the Amazon Connect experience, with an intuitive agent interface, alerts, notifications, and actionable business intelligence.  

Step 4: Look for Value-Added Features 

Choosing an Amazon Connect Partner that can help you to unlock extra value from your cloud contact center can significantly improve your ROI. The right Connect partner should be able to accelerate time to value with easy onboarding, rapid feature updates, and volume-based pricing. 

However, they may also be able to offer access to more advanced features that empower your company to accomplish more. For instance, your partner might offer access to pre-built digital channels for an expanded omnichannel service strategy.  

They could also allow companies to rapidly connect their Amazon Connect instance with the tools they already use, such as Salesforce for customer relationship management, and Microsoft Teams for collaboration and internal communication.  

Step 5: Remember Security and Compliance 

Finally, any partner you choose to work with on your Amazon Connect implementation should ensure your business can stay secure and compliant in the cloud. Most vendors certified by Amazon will offer exceptional security, but it’s worth looking for things like: 

  • SOC 2 Type II compliance for enterprise-level security 
  • GDPR and CCPA to ensure data privacy and transparency 
  • Voice ID support for caller authentication and fraud risk detection 
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to empower agents and administrators 
  • Secure data storage with configurable settings 

Depending on your business, you may also want to look for a partner that supports data sovereignty, ensuring you can control where your customer information is stored.  

Choosing your Amazon Connect Partner 

With the right Amazon Connect partner, any business can accelerate their time to value with a new cloud contact center, and unlock an exceptional return on investment. Your partner will help you implement and configure your new CX solution to suit your business needs.  

Plus, they’ll provide the guidance and support you need to scale and enhance your contact center over time. Make sure you’re choosing the right partner for your business.  

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