ASAPP: Augmenting CCaaS Through Native AI

The start-up is turning voice recognition technology into business solutions

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Published: September 16, 2020


Joshua Felder

When it comes to industry-leading technological advancement, behemoths like IBM and Microsoft are often the first to come to mind. However, since 2014, ASAPP has been blazing trails in the field of speech recognition. In 2017, AI human speech parity reached 94.9%. More recently, ASAPP pushed beyond what was considered good to achieve greatness at 98.25% accuracy. Not only have they use their teams of scientists and engineers to improve the capabilities of AI, ASAPP has used this technology to address problems within the contact center as a service (CCaaS) space.

AI That Improves Human Interaction

With their advanced algorithms in place with customers such as Jet Blue and Dish, ASAPP’s unique blending of their proprietary AI-Native technology, applied research, and self-learning engines empower agents instead of replacing them. For ASAPP, optimized CCaaS solutions have to answer the questions of who is behind the customer experience and how do we make that experience better? Senior VP of Product, Rachel Knaster, explains,

“Ultimately, it’s the agents solving these issues. We put our product in front of those agents to learn from what they do. Our software listens and transcribes to what the customer says then makes suggestions to the agent on what action to take next”

Natural Language Processing (NLP) models combined with data-rich algorithms allow for a rapidly scalable product. This not only accurately identifies human language, but also analyzes sentiment, knowledgebase information retrieval, and next step prediction to augment agent effectiveness and create more satisfied customers. On the customer care side of business this means that agents are instructed on what to say or do that will result in the quickest resolution time with the lowest call back rate. Agents are typically using 80% of the AI suggestions which leads to shortened interaction and increased throughput.  As for sales agents, this technology gives them the added bonus of receiving intuitive instruction that will address the customers’ needs and increase the likelihood of conversion. The most recent data shows that conversion rates have risen 47% in three months since the deployment baseline.

Consistent Customer Experience Across All Channels

Rachel Knaster
Rachel Knaster

Not only do ASAPP’s solutions improve upon the CCaaS model for their clients, but also for customers as well. Whether a customer’s initial interaction with a client is through a phone call or a text-based tool the ASAPP product is positioned as channel-agnostic. “We are able to deliver an omni-channel experience” states Knaster, “regardless of where a customer comes into a client, that agent will get the same information about you and will be able to know these things based on where you came in. I, as an agent, will know what issues you have had across channels and will be able to take advantage of suggestions in real-time.”

In addition to improved agent performance, ASAPP has revolutionized the customer survey concept. The combination of the intricacies of NLP models, self-learning engines, along with AI-Native technology allows for superior transcription plus the interpretation of the conversation. This means that each agent to customer interaction can be captured and graded for content and context. The interaction becomes the survey and can be used as data to drive better, more productive interactions across all agents. This completes the feedback loop and adds value to all interactions moving forward. With their innovative products, ASAPP is poised to change the view of what is possible for CCaaS products.


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