CCaaS: How Banks are Profiting from Chatbot Smarts

Leading provider ComputerTalk on why its powerful ‘ice’ contact center platform is on the money

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CCaaS How Banks are Profiting from Chatbot Smarts - CX Today News
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Last Edited: April 4, 2023

Simon Wright - DP

Simon Wright

When we talk money, it tends to be a serious business. 

Rightly so, of course. 

Much of the world’s banking is now carried out online so there is little room for casual nuance. 

There have to be strict backend rules, preferences, codes, and protocols if the customer experience is to be of a high quality. 

As more and more physical branches close, customer interaction has become more virtual. Indeed, even the popularity of voice calling is waning as banking apps, web chat, and messaging respond to the insatiable customer demand for omnichannel, anytime, anywhere convenience. 

The chatbot is an increasingly effective tool for banks looking to not only provide that stellar CX, but also to drive efficiencies. 

Embedded into the contact center, bots can transform in both those areas – processing routine customer communications fast while simultaneously enabling human agents to focus on the more complex. 

The key to success is for banks’ bots to have a depth of language sufficient to understand and act upon the widespread (and always expanding) automated functionality available to the customer. 

The smarter banks are seeking out technology partners that have it all covered. 

“Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is at the heart of today’s most effective chatbot technology – the science of anticipating what customers in a certain vertical might ask or want to do,” says Denis Menard, Application Design Specialist at global enterprise-class provider ComputerTalk, whose ice Contact Center platform does precisely that. 

“For example, customers might say they want to pay a bill, but what type of bill? Also, there are many ways of expressing how to pay a bill. From which account or by using what credit card? 

“For a bot to process that customer’s request, it must be able to understand those subtleties. It must possess the vocabulary and be able to instantly classify the intent and collect necessary inputs from the customer. 

“It’s constructing a language based upon the activities within a vertical and the sorts of conversations those organizations would expect to have with its customers.” 

The ice solution is an all-in-one contact center platform which seamlessly integrates with existing applications and bridges the gap between legacy infrastructure and modern cloud-based technology.  

It enables organizations to handle all customer interactions – voice, chat, email, SMS and social media – all within a single interface.   

To support the deployment of chatbot functionality, ice Contact Center has a powerful and in-built ‘workflow designer’ tool enabling users to capture unique business ‘logic’, such as rules and exceptions, and express it with Visio-like drag and drop representation. 

It enables the resolution of customer requests – via any communication channel – within a single interaction as opposed to them having to be routinely handed-off to a human agent. 

And, cleverly, it recognises when it provides the right response and learns when it makes a mistake. 

“ice Contact Center tracks the outcome of every exchange between the customer and the bot, and is able to detect  when it gets something right and when there is confusion,” says Menard. 

“Did it recognise the right thing? Did it match the wrong thing? The bot surveys callers and asks them to rate their experience after each exchange, and these results are surfaced to staff members who utilize the reporting analytics to tweak the ways in which the bot responds to certain questions or requests going forward. 

“It is all about maximising the effectiveness of automated communication and enhancing the customer experience.”  

In banking in particular, the success rate in those two endeavours can make all the difference. 

To learn more about how ice Contact Center can help you leverage the power of banking bots, visit 


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