Cisco Webex Contact Centre vs. Genesys: Find Your Most Suited Solution

Rebekah Carter

Which contact centre should you choose? 

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Cisco Webex Contact Centre vs. Genesys: Find Your Most Suited Solution

As companies continue to battle for customer loyalty with investments in sensational customer experience, the contact centre has become an essential tool. More than just a place to solve common customer issues, the modern contact centre is where relationships between businesses and consumers form, paving the way to endless growth opportunities.  

So, which contact centre solution do you need? 

These days, there’s no shortage of flexible, scalable contact centre solutions on the market, particularly among vendors offering cloud-based CCaaS solutions. Today, we’re going to be looking at two top contenders in the contact centre world: Cisco and Genesys. Here’s your complete comparison of the Cisco Webex Contact Centre, vs Genesys CCaaS. 

Webex Contact Centre Features 

Part of the comprehensive Webex ecosystem, the Webex Contact Centre from Cisco is a next-generation solution or customer experience. Built to deliver stronger interactions between customers and companies, the Webex Contact Centre gives customers the answer they need on the channels of their choice with exceptional speed, intelligence, and accuracy.  

With the Webex environment, business leaders can build smart omnichannel digital journeys with intuitive features like AI-powered assistants for your agents and customisable dashboards. The Webex contact centre solution also integrates with other Webex tools for collaboration, calling and messaging, to keep employees aligned wherever they are. Features include: 

  • Omni-channel customer experience: Text /SMS, social media, chat, email, and calling options in the same aligned environment, with AI virtual agents
  • Routing and queue management: AI routing with agent availability and skillset insights. Various routing options help to enhance customer service and streamline support
  • Call distribution: Fully managed call distribution configuration and reporting in the Webex Contact Centre flow builder with access controls via user login 
  • Extra call support: provide callers with queue position information and expected wait times. Access automatic and manual wrap-up options to help move agents from one caller to the next. CTI and CRM integrations are available too
  • Flow builder: Drag-and-drop interface where users can build custom contact flows on top of system-generated events. Support for CAD variables, PIQ, and EWT
  • Disposition codes: Track the reason for a call’s end and agent inactivity and offer call back options automatically to improve customer experience
  • Agent desktop: Create custom agent desktops with Agent state timers and connected timers. Each desktop can be adjusted with virtual agents, notifications, screen pops, and more
  • Reporting: Real-time and historical reporting with performance statistics available to agents, and notifications for supervisors and managers
  • Localisation and remote working: Create agent experiences based on the location of your employee. Remote endpoint access and agent support is available through Cisco 
  • Disaster recovery: Built-in disaster recovery automatically redirects call centre traffic during unexpected outages and emergencies
  • Single Sign-on and controls: SSO technology and extensive controls through Webex Control Hub allow for better compliance and security in the Webex ecosystem
  • Management portal: Complete management portal with assignments for agents, real-time performance monitoring, and flexible routing strategies. Coaching and barge-in are available for supervisors and managers
  • Call recording: Compliance call logging and percentage call recording with criteria for auditing purposes

Other features include everything from music on hold to a comprehensive ecosystem for managing text messages sent through the Cisco Webex contact Center. There are secure chat and voice functions, self-service IVR technology, touch-tone IVR options, and a host of integrations with leading CRM and other essential tools too.  

Genesys Cloud Contact Centre: Features 

Genesys cloud contact centre is a comprehensive solution designed to improve customer experience and empower agents in any environment. Built to solve problems with speed and enhance customer satisfaction, Genesys’ cloud CX solution offers an all-in-one environment for inbound and outbound conversations, self-service, automation, and intelligence.  

With extra tools for things like workforce management, and the latest innovations to help you better understand your customers, Genesys makes CX easier than ever. You can even set up comprehensive self-service environments where your customers can find the information they need with the help of bots and knowledgebases. Features include: 

  • Intelligent technology: Genesys cloud CX users can proactively move customers along on their journeys with predictive technology. You can design unique AI experiences which enable self-service interactions and orchestrate complete chat experiences
  • Custom chat: Customised chat experiences with Genesys Cloud CX support companies in building entirely bespoke interactions based on referral sources, campaigns, time on site, and services. You can even trigger custom messages as customers browse a website
  • Omni-channel interactions: Genesys ensures contact centre experiences remain consistent for customers across all channels. You can even customise the look and feel of your brand communication tools to maintain a professional image
  • Integrations with leading tools: Integrate with not just CRM and ERP tools but also solutions like Apple Business Chat, so you can connect with your customers in more than one environment. Then use proactive machine learning to track the customer journey
  • Intelligent routing: Access queue-based call routing to ensure your customers get to the first available agent when time is of the essence. Features like AI routing also help to drive customers towards agents with the right skills
  • Outbound contact centre: The outbound contact centre supports predictive, progressive, and preview dialling, with automated customer call-back features, video to help salespeople make pitches and more. There’s support for push notifications on mobile too
  • Workforce management: Genesys workforce management tools include forecasting and scheduling features to track which staff members are available. Compliance and quality management tools, interaction analysis, and extensive training systems are available too
  • Insights and reporting: Behind-the-scenes insights are available for everything from historical data to real-time reporting. Companies can track all the KPIs that make a difference to customer experience

The Genesys contact centre focuses not just on customer experience but all experiences. Agents have support from AI and chatbots to help them complete their tasks with speed and excellence. Management and supervisory teams can track important insights and use workforce management tools to generate the best responses from their teams. 

Choosing Your Contact Centre 

Both the Cisco Webex Contact Centre and the Genesys CX solution are flexible and scalable cloud-based offerings for the modern customer service ecosystem. Cisco’s Webex contact centre makes it easy to connect with your customer on any channel, with intelligent tools that adapt to suit your business. You can build all kinds of intelligent workflows with a comprehensive drag-and-drop builder designed to improve efficiency.  

Cisco Webex Contact Centre is equipped for intelligent customer service and better user experience, thanks to endless integrations, and API flexibility. You can even build custom dashboards for each of your users and connect your agents through Webex Teams.  

Genesys gives companies a modular way to build an amazing customer experience strategy. You can link to all the tools you need to reach your audience, including popular solutions like WhatsApp. Access to workforce management and training tools help to ensure teams are constantly achieving their goals too.  

Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to end up with an amazing contact centre.  



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