Enghouse Acquires Momindum Video Knowledge Management

William Smith

Momindum’s video platform offering includes live events as well as on-demand videos for knowledge management

Enghouse Interactive
Enghouse Acquires Momindum Video Knowledge Management

Enterprise software provider Enghouse Systems has announced the acquisition of video platform Momindum SAS. 

Momindum offers a SaaS enterprise video solution that enables the management of live virtual events – as well as the creation of on-demand videos for knowledge management. The platform allows users to transform videos into interactive media via outlines, quizzes and other calls to action, and features integrations with software including Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint and WordPress. 

Augmented Video Knowledge Management 

Videos can be augmented with other forms of media, including hyperlinks, subtitles and interactive elements, while indexing technology allows videos to be searched with keywords and synchronised with documents. 

“We are excited to join Enghouse and look forward to combining our products with the Enghouse Vidyo platform to offer a differentiated solution to the market,” said Xavier de Passemar, Founder and CEO of Momindum. 

Enghouse framed the acquisition as complementing its existing Vidyo offering, which allows companies to embed video into digital communications – with real-time video solutions for workforce collaboration and customer engagement. The solution caters to numerous industries, including telehealth, financial services, education, government and retail. 

“Momindum’s solution complements our Vidyo offering, while also broadening our video collaboration solutions,” said Steve Sadler, Chairman & CEO of Enghouse. “We are very pleased to welcome Momindum’s customers, partners and employees to Enghouse.” 

The news follows last month’s acquisition of Nebu, an Amsterdam-based market research and data analytics software provider. The company’s Nebu Data Suite allows users to gain deeper understanding of customer and community behaviour via automated dashboards and reports. 

“Nebu enhances our market research solutions and increases our footprint to better serve new and existing customers,” said Steve Sadler. “We also see an opportunity to combine surveying and community technologies with our AI capabilities to help our customers to gain insights into the voice of the customer. We are very pleased to welcome Nebu’s customers and employees to Enghouse.” 

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