Enghouse Introduces ‘Next-Gen’ AI Suite For Contact Centres

The latest offerings are set to improve contact centre capabilities, agent productivity, and customer insights

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Published: March 11, 2024

James Stephen

Enghouse Interactive has launched its EnghouseAI suite of “next-generation” artificial intelligence solutions to enhance contact centre capabilities, agent productivity, and customer insights.

The leader in contact software and video technology aims to turn contact centres from “cost centres” to “powerful growth engines” through simplifying integrations using open standards and the enablement of various telephony technologies.

Enghouse describes itself as having been at the centre of AI development for the CX market since 2019. It offers natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) within its AI products for some of the largest enterprise customers in the world, resulting in greater agent performance, as well as operational and business insights.

Ben Levy, Chief Technology Officer at Enghouse Interactive, expressed enthusiasm about the launch: “We are very excited to introduce EnghouseAI, a solution set that directly impacts the most critical stakeholder for most companies—their customers.

Our deep AI expertise ensures that all products in EnghouseAI have robust guardrails, safeguarding communication and data integrity.”

Benefits of EnghouseAI

When it comes to Enghouse’s latest developments in AI, customers can now take advantage of capabilities such as real-time assistance and translation for contact centre agents.

Real-time and post-interaction coaching is now available to agents, as well as automated summarisation of customer conversations.

Agent evaluation processes have been streamlined with the addition of automated agent evaluation and scorecards to provide effective performance assessments.

Businesses can utilise Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights to produce actionable insights from customer engagement, no matter what language it is in. The insights also reflect customer sentiment to show opportunities for growth, as well as business product and service gaps.

These new capabilities come on top of the existing features offered through Enghouse’s AI portfolio.

Further benefits can be reaped when you include the company’s entire arsenal of artificial intelligence solutions.

On its website, Enghouse explains that its AI can be used either standalone or integrated with survey management tools, Enghouse Interactive, or third-party contact centre solutions.

Flexibility and scalability enable its customers to manage data inflows and scheduled analyses, whether global or local.

The accuracy of derived insights is improved as a result of Enghouse’s ‘innovative’ hybrid machine learning, industry-specific vocabulary, and proprietary algorithms.

Finally, the company’s graphical reports, insights, and analysis are available for use any time they are required.

Enghouse shared a blog post last month written by the customer service and CX expert, award-winning keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author Shep Hyken, in which he described some of the ways companies can gain from the introduction of AI in their customer service departments:

Smart companies are working hard to use AI in a way that positively impacts customer service and CX.”

“They are not looking to replace humans, but instead, using technology to augment human-to-human support.

“Easier support issues and questions can be answered by AI, but when customers need more, there is someone from the company to help.

“When a company does this well, it increases trust and strengthens the relationship customers have with them.

“AI plus human backup is a winning combination that more customers are getting used to.

The article was written in response to some of the fears associated with the emergence of AI technology.

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