Five9 and Sandbox Banking Expand Partnership

Deal brings Five9's CX technology together with Sandbox Banking's Glyue platform

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Published: August 21, 2023

Tom Wright

Five9 has expanded its relationship with financial services-focused digital transformation firm Sandbox Banking.

The collaboration aims to enhance the connectivity between Five9’s CX solutions and core banking systems through Sandbox Banking’s Glyue platform.

Glyue’s integration capabilities are now accessible through the Five9 CX Marketplace. This facilitates the management of APIs and integrations between Five9 VCC, ISV products, and core banking systems such as Jack Henry and Fiserv. This integration supports real-time data synchronisation and operational automation for banking and credit union processes.

Jake Butterbaugh, Senior Vice President of Global Partners at Five9, said: “The Five9 intelligent CX platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for orchestrating customer experiences.

“Its cloud-native, scalable, and secure platform encompasses contact centres, omnichannel engagement, Workforce Engagement Management, extensibility through a vast partner network, and AI-driven automation and journey analytics.

“This collaboration is expected to empower over 2,500 organisations globally with enhanced customer interactions.”

The integration enables direct communication between Sandbox Banking’s Glyue and the Five9 CX platform, streamlining interaction with banking cores. This improved connection within the Five9 IVA environment enhances agents’ ability to efficiently assist customers and members by automating the retrieval and addition of data from and to the core systems.

Key features of the integration include account retrieval, transaction searching, the transferring of funds and PIN changes.

Five9 Acquisition

Earlier this month, Five9 revealed its intention to acquire Aceyus for an all-cash deal amounting to $82 million, contingent on specific price adjustments.

Aceyus, recognised for its core VUE platform, is employed by prominent brands such as Expedia, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This platform offers analytics, real-time reporting, and dashboard solutions, with many Five9 customers already benefiting from its services due to Aceyus’ longstanding partnership with Five9.

The transaction is expected to conclude within the next three months.

Meanwhile, recently published research from Five9 and Verint, co-sponsored by the two entities, has shed light on the inefficiencies and opportunities present in modern contact centres.

The research aimed to explore how organisations are meeting the escalating customer expectations, specifically focusing on their adoption and effective integration of the latest AI and customer experience technologies.

Among the key findings, nearly half of the 250 surveyed contact centre leaders listed managing the growing volume of customer interactions as one of their top three challenges in delivering positive customer experiences.

Interestingly, larger companies were three times more likely to store engagement data in multiple silos, which hampers the centralisation of data and insights due to interactions occurring across various channels.



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