‘Generative AI Will Change Every Customer Experience’ – Amazon CEO

AWS has invested significant sums to embed GenAI across its tech stack

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Published: December 12, 2023

James Stephen

Amazon’s CEO has claimed that generative AI will affect all aspects of customer experience.

The company has been making various investments in generative AI – alongside the likes of Microsoft and Google.

Sharing examples in an interview with CNBC, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, noted how the technology will enhance Alexa’s capabilities and advance its ability to predict products customers would like to buy.

Delving deeper, the CEO said:

Generative AI is going to change every customer experience, and it’s going to make it much more accessible for everyday developers, and even business users, to use. So I think there’s going to be a lot of societal good.

Jassy continued: “If you’ve studied generative AI and you’re still scoffing, you’re really not paying attention.

“We think we have a real opportunity to be the leader there, and we’re in the process of building a much more expansive large language model underneath Alexa that will make her both much more knowledgeable and much more conversational.”

Jassy’s comments were supported by Gartner research, which – in October – found that 55 percent of organizations are either piloting or in production mode with generative AI.

Moreover, customer-facing functions are leading the way on this, as per the chart below.

Investment in GenAI - as per Gartner
Source: Gartner (October 2023)

Amazon’s GenAI Journey

Amazon has already been busy building generative AI into its portfolio, jumping into the exciting new technology in March through the launch of the Amazon Bedrock platform.

Instead of just building its own generative AI models, Amazon elected to utilize third parties to host other models on its cloud.

Bedrock can be used to build generative AI-powered apps from pre-trained models by startups including Anthropic, AI21 Labs, and Stability AI.

In June, AWS expanded its AI business with the commitment to invest $100 million to create a center to help companies use generative AI.

More recently, it added new generative AI features to its CCaaS platform, Amazon Connect.

The most notable of these additions is ‘Amazon Q’, which enables employees to access relevant information at speed, solve problems, automatically generate content, and gain action recommendations.

This includes contact center agents who will be able to use Q to quickly form responses to customer queries without needing to manually search knowledge bases and documents.

GenAI in CCaaS

Amazon is not the only company to have introduced generative AI into its contact center platform.

Microsoft has its Copilot, which released new contact center use cases in October: answering employee questions, drafting email responses, and reporting data.

Google has its Google Contact Center AI platform, with embedded generative AI features that enhance its agent-assist and conversational intelligence capabilities through Knowledge Assist with LLMs, Summarizations for Calls and Chats, and Generative FAQs.

Then, there’s NICE, Genesys, Five9, Zoom, Sprinklr, Zendesk, and many others bringing new GenAI innovations to the fore – as the following article underlines: 20 Use Cases for Generative AI In Customer Service

Inded, the Amazon CEO’s declaration is very much aligned with industry sentiment.

However, generative AI is not the only area to look out for. CX Today has spoken to key contact center figures to find out what their CX predictions are for 2024.



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