Genesys on Radarr Acquisition: AI & Journey Orchestration Are the Future of Contact Centers

The CCaaS stalwart suggests customers will gain significant “short-term and long-term benefits” from the move

Genesys on Radarr Acquisition: AI & Journey Orchestration Are the Future of Contact Centers
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Published: January 29, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Genesys is a longstanding CCaaS leader and cemented that position in 2023.

The vendor again led the way in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, featured at the forefront of several other analyst reports, and enjoyed rapid market growth.

Indeed, revenue growth increased by 50 percent year-over-year (YoY) for its CCaaS platform: Genesys Cloud CX.

Yet, now it has more market competition from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Zoom – all with deep pockets.

While those brands have some catching up to do – especially the former – Genesys must keep its innovation ball rolling to maintain its market leadership.

In doing so, the vendor is doubling down on journey orchestration, AI, and supporting customers in developing a deep well CX data.

According to Mike Szilagyi, General Manager of Product Management at Genesys, the roll-up of Radarr Technologies allows the provider to do precisely that.

Read on or check out the video interview with Szilagyi below to learn more about how the acquisition will impact Genesys’s roadmap.

Radarr Aids Genesys’s Orchestration, AI, and Data Ambitions

Radarr Technologies facilitates a more robust integration of social channels within the Genesys Cloud CX platform. Indeed, the vendor supports over 130 languages across 50 social platforms, providing a versatile base for customers to interact with brands.

Yet, it also offers insight into those social conversations and attitudinal data, which Szilagyi believes will play a pivotal role in journey orchestration and experience enhancement. He stated:

The wealth of information obtained contributes to a comprehensive customer 360 view, feeding our AI and assisting agents in copilot or automation scenarios.

That point is crucial because if customer experience AI innovation continues at the current pace, contact centers will run out of data fast.

Yet, Radarr offers contact centers the opportunity to expand their corpus of data without “blowing up” the rest of the stack. According to Szilagyi, this will drive “long- and short-term benefits.”

Moreover, alongside adding data to feed the AI, Radarr will provide additional models for Genesys to build into its platform.

“Radar’s AI portfolio, particularly its models for sentiment analysis derived from social media, complements our existing capabilities in voice and digital sentiment analysis,” said Szilagyi. “This synergy creates a robust portfolio for sentiment analysis, a valuable asset for our data platform.”

AI & Journey Orchestration: The Future of Contact Centers

“We think both AI and journey orchestration are the future of contact centers,” said Szilagyi.

He continued by suggesting that contact centers will soon think about “managing customer experiences more broadly and play a part in a bigger journey.”

Already, his team laid the foundation for this with Genesys Experience Orchestration.

The solution measures a customer experience, provides visualizations to support a contact center’s understanding of friction points, and helps them find long-term solutions.

In doing so, Genesys is opening the contact center up to the broader business, making it the focal point for customer experience management.

The Radarr Technologies acquisition will bolster this strategy, and Szilagyi didn’t rule out additional roll-ups this year.

“While unable to speculate on future M&A activities, we maintain a robust framework for technology partnerships through our AppFoundry Community,” said Szilagyi.

Additionally, our focus on AI and journey orchestration positions us at the forefront of the contact center’s evolution, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

To ensure it delivers on these expectations, Genesys unveiled its Experience Index last year, which aims to increase visibility into where experiences go wrong and track the impact of fixes.

In doing so, Genesys underlined its desire to improve stale contact center reporting and demonstrated its industry

Again, the vendor proved this when releasing the CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce, a joint CCaaS-CRM solution that analysts labeled “incredibly attractive” in conversation with CX Today.



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