Genesys Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Partner

The duo are set to tackle the demand COVID-19's put on home-based workers and enhance CX

Genesys Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Partner

Amazon Web Services recently announced that contact center provider Genesys picked AWS as its preferred cloud provider. This means Genesys Cloud, the company’s public cloud contact center platform leverages the power of AWS.

Genesys Cloud, now built on AWS’s extensive set of cloud functionalities, Genesys customers can develop and deliver new features to customers. The partnership will also enable organizations to deploy and scale the Genesys Cloud platform. The platform uses a wide range of AWS services such as computing, database, analytics, machine learning, storage, as well as AWS security.

In a statement, AWS wrote: “Organizations around the world use the platform to manage and improve customer relationships across any channel, including voice, text, webchat, and social interactions.” And the COVID-19 pandemic brought a unique set of challenges for Genysys. The company, however, said it has had little-to-no issues thanks to “AWS’s reliable and secure global infrastructure.”

With over 1,000,000 paying customers on the AWS platform, it is this experience Genesys hopes the Amazon subsidiary will bring to its contact center solution which has endured the novel Coronavirus. Today a larger number of knowledge workers and contact center agents work from home and they’ve seen higher than usual interaction volumes as a result of the global health crisis.

AWS will help agents using the Genesys Cloud solution to generate real-time insights that guide human agents along with chatbots during customer engagements. This has all sorts of implications, including understanding when to adjust agent behaviors to meet the needs of customers based on real-time sentiment analysis.

“Genesys Cloud uses Amazon Athena for on-demand, serverless analysis of historical customer data, along with Amazon ElastiCache, a service that provides in-memory data storage and caching, to ease effective live interactions”

Genesys Cloud is capable of indexing customer interactions using Amazon DynamoDB, a database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance at any scale, I’m told. This enables users to identify patterns in customer service requests around the world and accommodate extreme concurrency of requests, and could very well deliver a much-needed boost to customer experience.

Genesys Cloud is available via AWS at three price points; for example 500 agents on Genesys Cloud 3, for twelve months of service, customers would pay $840,000, 24-months amounts to $1,680,000, and for a total of thirty-six months, customers will pay $2,520,000, according to the AWS website.

Genesys Cloud also features microservice architecture and application programming interfaces (API) that enable customers to customize the experience agents have via third-party software integrations. Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS said in a statement:

“Using AWS’s unmatched portfolio of services and our capacity to scale, Genesys can address peaks in customer demand at any time and continue providing the tools organizations rely on to deliver exceptional customer service over any channel”

Genesys recently shook things up when it made some changes to its management team. Joyce Kim is now the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, taking over for Merijin te Booij who spent more than 20 years with the organization.

According to the company, its contact center solution delivers more than 70 billion customer experiences in over 100 countries.

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