Google Makes Move to Improve CCaaS Reliability, Announces Auto-QA Solution

The tech giant shared a taster of its contact center innovation at Enterprise Connect 2024. Expect more to come at next week’s Google Next event

Google Makes Move to Improve CCaaS Reliability, Announces Auto-QA Solution
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Published: April 1, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

During last week’s Enterprise Connect event, Google announced two new additions to its CCaaS solution: the Google Contact Center AI Platform (CCAI-P).

The first is a new multi-region capability that allows enterprises to run the CCAI-P offering automatically and reliably across various global regions and clouds.

In doing so, it offers cross-region failover. That increases resiliency, ensures business continuity, and offers customers “mission-critical uptime”.

Sharing how, in a blog post, Kevin Shatzkamer, MD of ConversationApplied AI Engineering at Google Cloud, and Matthew Clare, Outbound Product Management Lead for CCAI & CX, wrote:

“The cloud contact center market is plagued by outages and downtime, which is the number one reason many organizations continue to rely on legacy, on-premise infrastructure.

With multi-region support, customers benefit from seamless failover across geo-dispersed Google Cloud regions in the event of a catastrophic regional outage, ensuring that cloud outages never impact critical customer experiences.

Such capabilities are critical as Google aims to accentuate the first of its three CCaaS differentiators. According to Amit Kumar, CCaaS Product Manager at Google, these are:

  1. Its reliable, scalable, secure foundation
  2. Cloud-native, AI, and user-first design
  3. A focus on driving customer success

Meanwhile, the other new feature – an automated quality assurance (Auto-QA) solution – perhaps showcases how Google is executing on the second differentiator, too.

Indeed, the “CCAI Quality AI” solution – which is now available in a public preview – leverages Google AI and large language models (LLMs) to auto-analyze 100 percent of a company’s conversations against “key” customer service metrics.

Moreover, it generates “actionable insights” such as coaching suggestions, recognition opportunities, and emerging topics.

These insights trickle into performance dashboards that visualize those performance KPIs and drivers “with unparalleled accuracy”.

By developing such a solution, Google follows up on the 2023 launch of a workforce management (WFM) suite.

As such, when the CCAI Quality AI solution becomes generally available, Google will have a fully-fledged, native workforce optimization (WFO) offering.

In building this out, the tech giant again demonstrates its commitment to the CCaaS space – after releasing 100 AI-enabled features over the past year.

CCaaS as a “Door Opener” for Google Cloud

During the annual Enterprise Connect event, Google ordinarily showcases its innovation within Google Meet, Chat, and Voice. Yet, this year, it chose to put CCaaS front and center.

That comes after recent success in the space, with a 10,000-seat win just one of several enterprise CCaaS megadeals – according to Kumar.

Not only does Kumar highlight how these big wins underline Google’s global CCaaS credentials, but he also believes they underscore how CCaaS has become a “door opener” for Google Cloud.

“[If customers] use the CCAI suite – the platform’s predecessor – and are looking to replace their legacy vendor, we have consistently been automatically added to those evaluations and requests for proposals (RFPs),” Kumar told CX Today in February.

The Google CCAI Quality AI solution will soon add another brick in the tech giant’s CCaaS wall, completing the WFO portfolio – a mission-critical element for many buyers. That may ensure Google takes its place on even more shortlists.

Yet, the new multi-region capability offers something unique and showcases how Google is not only innovating to keep pace with market leaders but offers industry thought leadership in its own right.

That thought leadership inspires innovation, and Kumar promised that there’s much more of that to come. He summarized:

It has been a great, successful year for us in CCaaS that has gone far beyond our expectations, and we’re going to keep that going, delivering new innovations at a rate of knots.

As Google Next takes place just next week, expect the two announcements from Enterprise Connect 2024 to be just a teaser of the CCaaS innovations in Google’s pipeline.

To learn more about the Google CCAI-P, check out our article: Welcome to the First Truly AI-Centric Contact Center



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