Great Cars and Great Contact Centres Have A lot in Common

How passion and AI drive meaningfully human outcomes

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Great Cars and Great Contact Centres Have A lot in Common - CX Today News
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Published: May 19, 2023

John Flood

John Flood

The term ‘technology’ evokes excitement, wonder and amazement. So much so that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” wrote the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.  

AI is one such technology which seemed to enter the mainstream with such suddenness and startling possibilities that it evokes excitement- and not a small degree of worry – and magic.  

That story is just beginning. No one knows what shape it will take, or what its final impact will be. 

But consider another technology that has been around for over a century, the automobile.  

It evolved from a slow, difficult-to-operate invention (with plenty of naysayers) to a vehicle of extraordinary performance and utility.  

Indeed, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the automobile is the most advanced technology we’ve seen because it has had to endure so much for so long.  

It has to function well in all conditions, in extreme weather, and in varied terrains while providing comfort and safety to passengers. And it has to be built to last. No small task. 

The invention and evolution of the automobile share similar antecedents with AI and contact centres. Because both exist and perform where the sum of multiple parts spur tectonic change. 

When Passion Meets AI, Contact Centres Move the Needle

“I gave (my drivers) three things: a sense of optimism, a creative environment, and the ultimate motivator-competition. By competing with each other in-house, we wound up beating our rivals. – Enzo Ferrari 

Cars and contact centres have a lot in common. Both have a lot of moving parts – figuratively and literally. And both exist in highly complex, dynamic and fast-paced environments where anything and everything can happen all at once.  

On the road and in the contact centre, events happen in a split second which can spell success or failure. In those situations, everyone needs the right tools to win. And this is where AI has arrived as the missing piece to help agents just as everything happens all at once. 

Indeed, AI could be the final piece of the puzzle – the missing link – that overturns everything UCC has known and transforms customer experiences in ways we cannot today foretell.  

XCALLY: Driven with Passion – and Heart

XCALLY, headquartered in Turin, Italy (about three hours from Ferrari headquarters by car by the way), is pursuing omnichannel contact centre solutions with a passion not unlike the kind that Enzo Ferrari engendered during his long career.  

For XCALLY, it’s not just the technology. The human being is central to everything – just like the person in the driver’s seat. 

According to Diego Gosmar, VP of International Operations at XCALLY, our software is “constantly updated,” with the intent to constantly improve the human experience.  

In his words, “We are advancing every day, with new features, new add-ons, new things you can do with the plugins, all for the improved efficiency and delight of our customers. 

This dedication to constant product evolution and improvement ensures that XCALLY remains at the forefront of the UCC market, offering businesses innovative solutions to their customer support challenges. 

Gosmar also emphasized the importance of passion at the genesis of XCALLY’s products.  

“At the heart of the XCALLY team is an unwavering passion,” he said. “They have a love of the technology that they create. And I think this is very different from just the mental achievements in the technical world.”  

With that deep sentiment comes XCALLY’s user-friendly design, excellence and innovation. As Gosmar explains, “Our product is very easy to use.”  

And that’s by intent. The company’s emphasis on design simplicity ensures businesses can implement XCALLY’s solutions without facing steep learning curves or needing more staff or outside consultants. 

In addition to its core UCC offerings, XCALLY is emerging as a conversational AI leader.  

Can We Talk? XCALLY and AI

Its dedicated conversational AI platform combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to provide businesses with a powerful tool to automate and optimize customer interactions. 

With XCALLY’s conversational AI solution, businesses can streamline customer support processes and improve communication along the customer journey. 

By leveraging NLP and machine learning, XCALLY’s platform understands customers’ needs, automates responses, and directs interactions with appropriate support agents. This reduces wait times, improves customer satisfaction, and increases operational efficiency. 

In conclusion, XCALLY’s innovative approach to unified communications and collaboration technologies is transforming the world of customer support. By harnessing the power of AI, conversational AI, and a passionate team, XCALLY delivers state-of-the-art solutions that enable businesses to provide exceptional customer service. 

Click here for more information about XCALLY’s AI solutions. 

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