How to Use SMS to Engage Customers

Sandra Radlovački

Learn more about the benefits of using mobile messaging to reach your customers

How to Use SMS to Engage Customers

Since its inception in the 1990s, SMS has evolved immensely, with billions of messages exchanged every day. As almost 98% of messages get opened, mobile messaging makes an ideal channel for business and marketing.

Before diving into the world of messaging business, organisations need to pay attention to SMS aggregators, mobile operators, resellers, and more. In the past, using SMS messaging for business purposes meant overcoming challenges like billing and character limitations.

Adding the fact that many SMS platforms do not support a broad network of mobile operators, utilising this channel becomes tricky.

One solution that would help businesses jump over these hurdles is a browser-based, carrier-independent SMS platform. HORISEN has developed one just like that.

How is HORISEN Transforming the Mobile Messaging Landscape?

Established in 2001, HORISEN began working on its very first SMS platform accessible to businesses of all sizes. Sensing the widespread use of SMS for business purposes, HORISEN has implemented the key features every SMS platform should have.

Applying 20 years of hands-on experience in messaging business, the company has created an easy-to-use solution which enables customers to manage the whole messaging journey from a single pane of glass, on any device.

Being a cloud-based product, the SMS platform is accessible on any browser, giving users the freedom to be in the loop at their own pace.

Going for feature-rich capabilities, HORISEN equipped the platform with fast and simple price management, powerful routing, and detailed real-time reporting. The platform also integrates with many existing systems so customers do not need to upgrade or change existing systems in order to up their messaging game.

Fabrizio Salanitri, CEO of HORISEN, said: “With 20 years of hands-on experience in the messaging industry, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers who want to thrive in this business. As we like to say: We build planes for the messaging industry, so others can fly.”

One of the main challenges of using SMS messaging for business is the billing which can be an obstacle to your customers. To overcome this limitation, HORISEN made its platform carrier-neutral, allowing users to send messages to any mobile network operator. The platform also promises high throughput capacity and low delivery latency.

When it comes to costs, SMS firewall and filtering options detect spam messages, alongside reducing spending and improving traffic monetisation. On top of that, users can customise rate plans for each customer and automatically update the rate if any changes are made.

HORISEN’s expertise has been acknowledged by the telecommunications industry as the company scooped the Best SMS Platform award for six consecutive years.

Explore the Opportunities

Apart from convenience and speed, leveraging SMS for business allows organisations to boost customer loyalty and maintain customer relationships at their fingertips.

With the ever-so-constant presence of smartphones in people’s daily lives, businesses can be almost 100% sure that their message will come through.

HORISEN’s all-in-one SMS platform is an ideal solution for organisations looking to leverage messaging as a wholesale or retail business. Perfected message delivery and automated workflows can help you drive revenue and efficiency by tapping into the potential of the messaging landscape.

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