Level AI Launches Agent Screen Recording

Sandra Radlovački

The feature provides new insights into agent performance

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Level AI Launches Agent Screen Recording

Customer service intelligence platform Level AI has launched an agent screen recording and monitoring feature.

The feature enables contact centre teams to gather actionable insights from customer conversations, tracking completed tasks on agents’ desktops.

Its machine learning algorithms also track knowledge availability, compliant behaviour, and overall agent engagement.

Shlok Kapoor, the Level AI Team Lead working on this feature, said: “While building agent screen recording for our customers, we made sure we supported Mac and Windows users.

“Additionally, we wanted to support seamless integration with the entire customer service stack, such as CRM, CCaaS, chat, and email vendors.

“Lastly, we wanted to support dual monitors for our customers, so we do not miss any key activities of the agents. This is truly a world class application for our customers, and we are very excited to see how teams will transform their customer experience with this new capability.”

Installed on agents’ desktop, the solution captures their screen from the moment they receive a support ticket until the time the ticket is resolved.

By doing so, supervisors can see the quality of customer support and identify performance gaps.

Together with AI-powered quality assurance, agent assist, and other analytics products in the portfolio, Level AI strives to offer a holistic customer service intelligence platform.

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