LivePerson Launches the “World’s First” Decentralised Customer Care Platform

Sandra Radlovački

The platform allows community members to assist with customer care

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LivePerson Launches the “World’s First” Decentralised Customer Care Platform

LivePerson has announced the plans to launch the “world’s first” decentralised customer care platform VillageDAO, in partnership with ConsenSys, a blockchain technology company.

The platform will aim to support LivePerson users to offer more self-service options by strengthening community engagement. By doing so, community members can contribute to the platform and its partner brands.

Dror Avieli, Vice President of Customer Success at ConsenSys, said: “We are looking to implement principles of decentralization across all of our operations, and customer care is tip of the spear. Through VillageDAO, we’ll reward community members who help us elevate the quality of community engagement and learning throughout the Web3 space. “

“We are proud to partner with LivePerson, which has deep expertise in delivering high quality customer care at scale for traditional and decentralized communities including MetaMask, to bring our collective customer care expertise to the Web3 world. VillageDAO is a critical part of our commitment to unlocking Web3 for both founders and users.”

Liveperson also announced MetaMask as the first client of the platform, which is currently in its beta development phase.

Brian Haley, Vice President of Marketing at LivePerson, said: “For more than 25 years, LivePerson has been the global leader in creating new paradigms for customer care. We led the first two revolutions: inventing webchat for brands in Web1, then launching the messaging revolution that underpins Web2, including major customer care capabilities and partnerships in the Web3 space.”

“Together with ConsenSys, we’re proud to take another leap forward in the customer engagement space, further strengthening our innovation by creating the first decentralized customer care offering for Web3.”

Brands interested in using VillageDAO can register on the VillageDAO website. Once implemented, companies may harness the platform to appoint brand experts. These expert users can then use VillageDAO to assist customers online, lowering the dependency on traditional customer support avenues.

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