NICE: Enlighten Autopilot Will “Revolutionize” the Self-Service Landscape

The prominent CCaaS provider reveals the key differentiators of its latest AI-powered solution

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Published: October 31, 2023

James Stephen

NICE believes that its new AI-driven ‘Enlighten Autopilot’ solution will change the face of self-service.

While most digital chatbots and virtual agents are unable to replicate the intuitive, convenient, and seamless experience of a human agent, NICE says it has created a “humanized, conversational, and friendly companion” that takes customer experience to the next level.

The CX software provider has laid out a number of features that set it apart in a new blog post, including channel coverage, reliable conversational interactions, personalized recommendations and insights, conversation tracking, and integration with CXone.

Barry Cooper, President CX Division at NICE, referred to the game-changing nature of Enlighten Autopilot when it was released in June this year: “NICE is committed to helping organizations with today’s growing need for decision velocity and the creation of personalization at scale.

“NICE is writing the next page in CX innovation by bringing the benefits of AI in a trusted, enterprise-grade manner to empower human-friendly conversations that create exceptional experiences for consumers, employees and executives.”

What Is Enlighten Autopilot?

Enlighten Autopilot is a virtual contact center agent that aims to replicate “the experience of speaking with the company’s best agent.”

To achieve this, it identifies and automates the most frequent interaction types, following conversation flows automatically updated based on the optimal resolutions and customer sentiment.

Autopilot also accesses journey context and preferences from previous interactions to improve the customer experience.

From a brand perspective, it reduces repetitive tasks that would otherwise require an employee to perform, enabling them to work on more complex issues.

Five USPs of Enlighten Autopilot

NICE has provided five unique selling propositions of Enlighten Autopilot, which are helping to redefine virtual agent technology:

  1. Customer Connections for Every Channel: Autopilot can connect with customers across any channel, such as web search, email, and social media. It offers the same quality of service, irrespective of the way in which they initially engaged with a business.
  2. Reliable Conversational Interactions: The solution uses AI-powered algorithms to find the most accurate responses to customer questions. It bases its answers on the entire company knowledge base, which ensures it reflects the organization’s view precisely.
  3. Personalized Recommendations and Insights: Businesses can utilize Autopilot’s customer data and behavior analysis capability to improve customer service strategies. Thanks to AI, customer experiences can be further enhanced with personalized recommendations and insights. As a result, organizations can ultimately enjoy greater customer loyalty and higher revenues.
  4. Conversations Tracking: Autopilot is able to track conversations, whether they remain in a single channel or move around multiple channels. This makes interactions more seamless and convenient for customers. Furthermore, they will never need to repeat themselves, which is an otherwise irksome trait of other virtual agents.
  5. Integration with CXone: While Autopilot can function on its own, it can also be paired with the NICE CXone platform to combine with over 45 CX applications. The complete CX toolset enables Autopilot to resolve most customer service requests.

Earlier this month, NICE moved to acquire the CCaaS provider LiveVox for $350 million.

The CEO of NICE, Barak Eilam, spoke to CX Today in an exclusive interview about the acquisition, in which he explained how LiveVox would support its proactive outreach capability in CXone.



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