NICE Gives Its Enlighten AI Suite a Memory, Aims to Power More Personalized Experiences

Enlighten XM (Experience Memory) adds additional customer context to LLM prompts, improving outputs

NICE Gives Its Enlighten AI Suite a Memory, Aims to Power More Personalized Experiences
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Published: March 26, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

NICE has unveiled Enlighten XM (Experience Memory) at Enterprise Connect 2024, the latest addition to its Enlighten AI suite.

Enlighten XM combines customer conversation data, metadata, and analytics from the business’s customer experience ecosystem. That provides an increased understanding of a customer’s journey and preferences.

Moreover, it helps build a unique memory graph for each customer, which feeds a large language model (LLM) to improve and personalize outputs across several GenAI-powered solutions within the Enlighten suite.

For example, consider how it may bolster Enlighten Autopilot, the virtual agent solution.

With additional context, the bot may resume an interaction from where the customer left off, even if they switched channels or devices. NICE names this capability “Continuous Conversational Sync”.

Enlighten XM can also augment Enlighten Copilot, the virtual assistant for contact center agents.

For starters, it may offer instant access to historical interaction insights to aid live agents in finding the best-placed resolution.

Yet, it can also help to dynamically determine the best next action, response, or activity in real-time based on past performance and the unique memory graph.

Additionally, Enlighten XM harnesses the brand’s knowledge base and the LLM’s data memory to enable this “Adaptive Personalization Engine”.

However, such personalization is a benefit that XM extends across the Enlighten portfolio – beyond these two use cases alone.

As Barry Cooper, President of the CX Division at NICE, stated: “Personalized experiences have been a holy grail for organizations, but most have struggled to deliver due to technological limitations.

“NICE Enlighten XM shatters those barriers, empowering brands to deliver on the promise of true personalization finally.

With NICE Enlighten XM, brands can build stronger relationships, drive unparalleled customer satisfaction, and lead the way in the future of customer experience.

Moreover, Cooper and his team stress that the outputs are superior due to NICE enriching the LLMs with “the industry’s most comprehensive CX data sets.”

Indeed, that seems to be a significant differentiator for NICE, as contact center decision-makers become overwhelmed by options to improve customer and agent experiences with LLMs and GenAI.

Recognizing this, Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research, summarized:

Instead of approaches that employ an ocean of undifferentiated data, [decision-makers] need ‘CX AI’ that is trained on company and customer-specific data that can drive personalized, effective outcomes.

“Investing in this approach now is foundational to any strategy that differentiates their brand in the Conversational AI era and future-proofs their business operations for years to come.”

NICE Enlighten AI Augments 100 Million Customer Conversations Per Month

Elsewhere at Enterprise Connect 2024, NICE announced that its Enlighten AI suite now augments and automates 100 million customer conversations every month.

The milestone comes a little more than a month after NICE recorded a 375 percent year-over-year (YoY) increase in bookings for the CX AI suite.

Celebrating the achievement, Cooper said: “This historic milestone demonstrates that our CX AI innovation is delivering immense value in the market.

We are proud of the value Enlighten delivers in enabling organizations to boost CSAT (customer satisfaction), resolve issues faster, enhance the employee and consumer experience, and deliver on the bottom line.

To keep its AI innovation ball rolling, NICE has also promised to develop a “conversational AI powerhouse” by building on its acquisition of LiveVox.

Meanwhile, expect innovation within the Enlighten AI suite to accelerate further after NICE recently released an “aggressive” marketing campaign for the portfolio.

The tagline: “The CX AI Race is on. Win it with Enlighten.”


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