Oracle Bets Big On Contact Center Generative AI, Releases a Slew of New Features

The CRM stalwart goes beyond auto-summarizations with six new GenAI-powered contact center capabilities

Oracle Bets Big On Contact Center Generative AI, Releases a Slew of New Features
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Published: September 20, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Oracle has announced six new GenAI-powered tools for its Oracle Fusion Service solution.

The enterprise tech giant made the announcement during this week’s Oracle CloudWorld.

Fusion Service is a CRM for contact center teams. It makes up one-fourth of Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Customer Experience offering – alongside its Sales, Marketing, and Commerce CRMs.

Already, it contains many of the solutions that contact centers need to engage with customers, solve their queries, and gather vital experience data.

Yet, it is seizing the generative AI wave to launch many more features that’ll bolster the offering for its contact center customers.

Some mirror features already offered by rival contact center and CRM vendors – such as assisted agent responses.

Yet, there are also more novel innovations, including an assisted guidance solution, which uncovers the essential steps to answering particular customer queries.

Giving an overview of the six new contact center GenAI features, Rob Tarkoff, EVP and GM of Oracle Cloud CX, stated:

The new capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX will help organizations resolve customer service issues quicker and more efficiently by increasing service agent and field technician productivity, optimizing self-service, and automating traditional tasks that are manual and time-consuming.

Moreover, Oracle notes that it has built each capability on its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform, which hosts many pre-built and custom LLM models.

As such, the vendor will likely have handpicked the best-placed model for each use case, not necessarily relying on one LLM – like ChatGPT, Bard, or Anthropic – for all its CRM innovation.

Oracles’s Six New GenAI-Fueled Features for Contact Centers

Each new capability aims to increase agent and supervisor productivity by streamlining processes and automating content generation.

Some may also supplement existing AI innovations within the Oracle Fusion Service platform.

Yet, Oracle underlines how each is secure, with role-based security embedded into the CRM’s workflows, protecting sensitive information and only recommending content agents have permission to view.

With that underscored, here are Oracle’s six GenAI-fueled contact center innovations.

1. Assisted Agent Responses

This capability helps agents write responses to customer queries across digital engagement channels.

It does so by unmasking the contact reason, factoring in customer context for personalization, and drafting up an initial response that pulls from various knowledge sources.

Agents may then review that draft, tweak it, and send it to the customer, keeping a live agent in the loop and saving them lots of time when responding to high-volume customer queries.

2. Assisted Knowledge Articles

This tool hinges again on the ability of generative AI to understand customer intent.

In doing so, it creates knowledge articles to help agents resolve emerging customer queries that the contact center has not yet manually added to the knowledge base.

To develop these articles, the solution analyzes how agents have successfully navigated the first wave of these contacts.

Contact center coaches and high-performing agents may then review, edit, and publish the knowledge articles.

The existing agent-assist tools within Fusion Service may then present these to agents as they navigate tricky customer contacts.

3. Search Augmentation

As the name suggests, this capability augments various Oracle Fusion Service search functions with generative AI.

In doing so, it provides auto-generated answers to queries typed into various applications.

For instance, consider the native knowledge base: Fusion Knowledge Management.

When an agent is struggling to answer the query, they may type it into the app’s search bar. The search function will then pick from relevant knowledge articles and other indexed respiratory documents to share possible solutions.

Oracle has also added this search augmentation feature to its Digital Assistant, with customer-facing use cases.

Businesses can fuel the Assistant with various website links, external knowledge content, and agent support resources – which are safe to share – and it will draft answers to customer questions.

In doing so, it may resolve queries without training and improve containment rates.

4. Customer Engagement Summaries

This feature generates summaries of the critical information within service requests and proposed next steps, which may help to accelerate post-contact processing.

Yet, it also aids contact escalations. So, if an agent cannot solve a query and they transfer the customer to a colleague, that colleague receives a break down of the customer’s issue and the actions taken so far to solve it.

As such, the agent does not need to brief them, the colleague can continue the contact from where it left off, and the customer does not need to repeat themselves.

As such, contact center efficiency, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction will likely increase.

5. Assisted Guidance Authoring

Often, contact centers create guides to assist agents as they navigate complex resolution routes.

The Assisted Guidance Authoring feature automates this process, analyzing the transcripts of successful conversation transcripts to define a consistent approach for agents to follow as they solve customer issues.

Such a capability is potentially powerful when defining triage and troubleshooting steps. Yet, there are broader applications too.

For instance, a contact center may use it to create procedures for agents to follow before an escalation, when dealing with abusive customers, or in other classic customer service scenarios.

6. Field Service Recommendations

It’s not only agents that leverage contact center platforms. Nowadays, personnel from other departments harness them to simplify their roles too.

Consider field service workers. They often engage with customers before making a site visit to snuff out a potentially simple fix, saving them from making a time-wasting journey.

Now, with this feature, these team members may receive AI-powered recommendations from trusted troubleshooting source material to help them solve more customer issues remotely.

The GenAI tool does so by grappling with the reported symptoms before suggesting potential causes and solutions.

More Announcements from Oracle CloudWorld

Oracle’s strengthened partnership with Microsoft stole most of the headlines from CloudWorld.

The announcement will bring Oracle’s Exadata platform to Azure, under the name “Oracle Database@Azure”.

The offering aims to provide enhanced options for migrating Oracle databases to the cloud – enabling a low-latency, secure, and scalable environment within Azure.

In addition, the two tech giants revealed that customers could build cloud-native applications using OCI and Azure technologies – in another significant advancement of the alliance announced last year.

Nevertheless, Oracle did make many other exciting announcements, including further enhancements to its Fusion Cloud Customer Experience CRM suite during CloudWorld.

For instance, consider its Guided Campaigns solution that strives to improve efficiency and collaboration between market and sales teams.

It does so by providing a simplified campaign builder that allows teams to create campaigns that lure in pre-qualified and conversion-ready opportunities for the sales team.

The offering includes step-by-step guidance for campaign building, promotion bundle creation tools, and a multi-step lead nurturing feature.

Finally, in addition to the Fusion Cloud announcements, the tech juggernaut released its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI service alongside a vector database to augment generative AI and increase developer productivity.



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