RingCentral Launches an Array of New CX Technologies

The release includes a virtual agent hub, custom reporting, and a HubSpot integration

RingCentral Launches an Array of New CX Technologies
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Published: March 17, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

RingCentral has revealed a plethora of new capabilities, each designed to solve the challenges of hybrid working.

As such, the company has split its innovations into three groups:

  1. Simplifying communications and collaboration
  2. Gaining data and insights to inform business decisions
  3. Enhancing customer experience

In doing so, Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer at RingCentral, believes that the new technologies will allow “organizations to deliver transformative employee and customer experiences that more effectively connect and empower global teams with simple and flexible communications and collaborations.”

One such solution that RingCentral has developed to enhance CX is Virtual Agent Hub. The innovation aims to simplify the deployment of omnichannel bots, enabling companies to leverage existing bot investments across other channels – including voice. Contact centers may then deliver seamless bot experiences faster.

On the bot theme, RingCentral is also launching an agent-assist bot, built with Google Contact Center AI. Supporting agents to deliver better service experiences, this bot automatically suggests responses based on past conversations with customers. It also delves into other knowledge systems to retrieve information in real-time, which equips agents to offer customers helpful information instantly, even when they handle complex queries.

Agent-assist supports customers across all channels, even video, which RingCentral has also enhanced. How? By building escalation paths, so customer can seamlessly elevate a conversation to the video channel. Such a tool is particularly useful when the customer wants to show an agent the issue, simplifying CX.

The technologies that RingCentral has released to help companies gain data and insights to inform business decisions may also improve CX performance.

For example, its analytics solution for “lines of business” aims to enhance intelligence across the enterprise, pinpointing statistics, trends, and performance indicators, which may come together to create a universal view of CX.

Meanwhile, new configurable dashboards and custom reporting solutions enable different departments to tailor real-time and historical reports to meet their strategy. Department leaders also gain control of what they see and how they see it to bolster decision-making.

Other innovations – which aim to simplify communications and collaboration – mostly relate to the RingCentral Video platform. These include AI-based advanced meeting insights and summaries, RingCentral Whiteboard, and live transcriptions.

Yet, these also can help to bolster CX, as cross-function collaboration becomes an ever more significant facet of excellent CX strategies.

The recent RingCentral and Mitel partnership highlights the potential that the provider sees in integrating UCaaS across a company to build alliances that accelerate business transformation.

Finally, in Q2 this year, RingCentral will introduce a Hubspot integration to “streamline communication and reporting workflows”. Doing so will allow RingCentral to build upon its existing integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Google, and Microsoft Teams.




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