RingCentral Releases a Host of New Cloud Capabilities

Sandra Radlovački

The release paves the way for more streamlined end-user experiences 

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RingCentral Releases a Host of New Cloud Capabilities

RingCentral has released a host of capabilities across its cloud phone system and unified business communications platform.

The new capabilities aim to help customers automate administrative tasks, reduce app switching, and create custom workflows.

Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer at RingCentral, said: “Core to successfully enabling hybrid work is providing your people with the right communications and collaboration tools when and where they need them.”

“At RingCentral, we’re focused on delivering the best-connected experiences across the varying working styles, locations, and technologies to reduce operational inefficiencies and enable people to effortlessly connect with customers, teams, and everyone in between.”

RingCentral has also made improvements to its Salesforce and Hubspot integrations to foster productivity among sales teams.

Now, RingCentral’s Salesforce integration users can conduct a warm transfer, an option that enables reps to first speak to whoever is receiving the transfer call and provide valuable context.

Meanwhile, teams which use the HubSpot integration can now access both voicemail and fax capabilities within Hubspot.

When it comes to new phone capabilities, the release aims to streamline experiences for end-users and IT admins by implementing:

  • Personal call forwarding
  • Auto-dialler to expedite services and dialling
  • Line seizure for emergency service
  • Enhanced self-service onboarding and support
  • Actionable insights capture from call behaviour.

The company has also reduced app switching by enabling users to access more apps within the RingCentral platform.

Through add-ins, users can now access Google Drive, Google Forms, HubSpot, Zendesk, Trello, and Poll. Further, an auto-reply assistant sends pre-determined replies based on keywords to save time and reduce pressure.

RingCentral is continuously working on improving existing and introducing new capabilities across its platform, as it also released several new features in March.

Perhaps its most popular integration is with Microsoft Teams, which enjoyed a 500% year-over-year growth.


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