Salesforce Boosts Service Cloud Digital Engagement with Data-Harnessing Capabilities

The new features include unified conversations for WhatsApp, omni-channel for mobile, and ‘bring your own channel.’

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Published: May 27, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Salesforce has revealed additional features for its Service Cloud Digital Engagement software.

With a promise to “drive growth” and “unlock new revenue opportunities,” Salesforce is equipping its customer engagement platform with enhanced data-harnessing capabilities.

Built on the company’s Einstein 1 Platform, these advancements will provide contact centers with the tools to consolidate unstructured conversational data from various digital channels, departments, and devices – all within a single platform.

Salesforce believes that the software’s new features will result in a deeper understanding of customer behavior and habits, allowing agents to deliver more valuable customer interactions.

Moreover, due to the software’s access to high-quality customer and enterprise data via Salesforce’s Data Cloud, Service Cloud Digital Engagement has the potential to enhance personalization and enable businesses to “forge even more meaningful conversations.”

Commenting on Service Cloud Digital Engagement’s new enhancements – Kishan Chetan, EVP & GM of Service Cloud – was clearly enthusiastic about the impact the solution could have on the company’s customer experience offerings:

As customers interact with companies across more touch points and channels, they are looking for more personalization and a higher-touch experience.

“With Service Cloud built on the Einstein 1 Platform, companies can bring in sales, service, and marketing data on one platform to deliver more relevant customer experiences and drive business growth.”

The company’s focus on data unification is part of a strategy to combat the issue of customer dissatisfaction in dealing with disparate departments, with a Salesforce report revealing that the average customer engages with brands across eight channels.

These cross-channel interactions lead to inconsistencies in service, with customers experiencing complex resolution journeys, frustration, and increased churn.

So, let’s take a closer look at precisely how Salesforce plans to deliver on its data-harnessing promises.

How to Harness the Data

In its bid to transform Service Cloud Digital Engagement into a solution capable of delivering “seamless” conversational interactions at scale, Salesforce outlined the following key additional enhancements:

Unified Conversations for WhatsApp

The tool enables service agents to access a unified customer profile and complete conversation history, eliminating the need for customers to switch channels when interacting with different departments.

Service agents and marketers can work from the same shared profile, providing a seamless experience within a single messaging thread.

For example, after a hospitality brand sends a tailored WhatsApp offer for a flash sale, an agent can immediately respond to the customer’s questions within the same channel.

Omni-Channel on Mobile

The solution allows employees to work on-the-go and respond to customers on any digital channel via the Salesforce mobile app, with all conversations securely logged on the Einstein 1 Platform.

For instance, retail sales associates can use their phones to answer high-value clients’ questions, utilizing previous purchase history to boost repeat transactions and customer loyalty.

Bring Your Own Channel

The tool enables businesses to integrate digital channels like KakaoTalk, Discord, Instagram, and TikTok into Service Cloud using APIs and connectors.

This data is unified in Data Cloud to offer a complete view of all customer interactions.

Additionally, global companies can support LINE – Japan’s most popular messaging app – to reach consumers in new markets.

More News from Salesforce

Salesforce is on something of an enhancement roll, with the latest news following last week’s announcement that the company would be beefing up its Commerce Cloud and Einstein Copilot solutions to improve customer service and experience offerings for merchants.

Commerce Cloud will receive three new features to help businesses create more advanced commerce sites, enhancing personalization and driving revenue growth.

The Einstein Copilot, on the other hand, is aiming to leverage generative AI (GenAI) to enhance its virtual assistant with marketing and merchandising capabilities, in addition to its traditional sales and service functions.

Away from the onslaught of enhancements, Salesforce also revealed that it would be expanding its strategic partnership with IBM, as the two tech firms target improved customer choice and flexibility.

By integrating IBM’s Watsonx AI and Data Platform with Salesforce’s Einstein 1 software, customers will be able to make data-driven decisions and access actions directly within their workflows.

Additional benefits include bidirectional data integration, flexible large language models (LLMs), prebuilt CRM actions and prompts, and a focus on responsible AI development.

The collaboration will also see IBM join Salesforce’s Zero Copy Partner Network, which aims to streamline how businesses access and use customer data.

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