Semafone Delivers Secure Cardprotect Relay+

Supporting omni-channel transactions

Semafone Delivers Secure Cardprotect Relay+

Semafone, a leading provider of compliance and security solutions both on-premises and in the cloud, recently announced the arrival of a new product. The company’s Cardprotect Relay+ solution is a multi-channel payments offering, helping companies to securely access payments through the channel for customer engagement that suits their needs. The offering supports superior customer experience while simplifying compliance with the PCI DSS regulations. The Cardprotect Relay+ solution will allow businesses to create secure digital payment hyperlinks to send via QR codes, SMS, email, social media, and more.

The secure payment options can even be easily managed by AI and chatbot technology, while descoping machine learning and big data offerings, creating more quick and simple solutions for consumers to make purchases.

Designing a Seamless Payment Experience

Semafone is well known for its offerings in the contact centre and enterprise environment – particularly when it comes to managing secure payments. According to the CEO for Semafone, Gary E. Barnett, today’s companies are striving to provide more unified and effective customer experiences across a range of channels. The Cardprotect Relay+ offering will make it easy for people to securely transact with customers in any channel, from digital spaces to in-person interactions.

Cardprotect Relay+ allows companies to transact with customers in an environment that they choose, without the demand to invest in additional hardware or closed payment systems. Customers just need to click on a secure link and enter their payment details. Additionally, the sensitive data and personally identifiable information will be routed safely to the payment service provider – never entering the network infrastructure of the business. This reduces the scope for PCI DSS issues and simplifies compliance.

All the while, real-time progress updates can be relayed directly to the merchant business as the link is opened, and payment information is collected. Companies can even determine when the payment has been successfully processed.

An Easy-to-Deploy Payment Offering

Delivered over the cloud, Cardprotect Relay+ is a simple and highly scalable solution that integrates effortlessly with third-party applications, supporting a range of transaction types, major PSPs, and currencies. For stronger security, businesses also have the option to choose password protection links, retire unused links, and set time limits on the hyperlinks they use. They can also restrict geographic regions based on IP addresses.

Although speaking on the phone is a common way for customers to address self-service and digital transaction issues, digital channels are growing in popularity. Cardprotect Relay+ will allow companies to embrace digital transformation projects and leverage fast-growing channels for a seamless omni-channel experience.

The demand for secure transactions made through multiple channels is growing, and Gartner believes that 25% of service operations will be using virtual assistants by 2020. The Cardprotect Relay+ offering makes it easy to engage with customers over a range of channels while ensuring robust data compliance and security.


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