ServiceNow Augments Its Customer Service Management Platform with GenAI

Now Assist for CSM improves customer service productivity, cost savings, and customer experiences

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Published: September 20, 2023

James Stephen

ServiceNow has introduced Now Assist for CSM, which embeds generative AI technology into customer service processes to improve productivity, cost savings, and customer experiences.

Now Assist for CSM (Customer Service Management) reduces manual work, allowing agents to resolve customer issues more quickly.

In addition, customers gain an enhanced self-service experience, which can help them find the answers they need and thereby reduce agent workloads and associated costs.

Service Now is also implementing generative AI across the rest of its Now Platform, with Now Assist for IT Service Management (ITSM), HR Service Delivery (HRSD), and Creator.

CJ Desai, President and Chief Operating Officer of ServiceNow, commented on the launch of the Now Assist range of solutions: “Organisations are seeking a trusted partner to help them navigate this dynamic and fast-moving era of intelligence.

“ServiceNow has thousands of customers already using the Now Platform to digitise and streamline processes across the enterprise.

With our Vancouver release, we’re combining the power of the Now Platform with new generative AI features to bring AI-driven intelligence to every corner of the business, creating a catalyst for productivity and better enterprise experiences.”

Now Assist Features

Now Assist’s generative AI capability is powered by a new, domain-specific ServiceNow large language model (Now LLM), which has been purpose-built to optimize productivity and protect data privacy.

The Now Assist solutions will be embedded into all processes and workflows to optimize performance. It also runs in accordance with ServiceNow’s guidelines for ethical and responsible development and use.

All parts of Now Assist have been integrated with generative AI so that everyone from employees to developers can take advantage of its features, which include case, incident, and agent chat summarisation, virtual agent, and search.

Alongside the launch of Now Assist, ServiceNow has also published its generative AI pricing packages.

All of these generative AI innovations will form part of ServiceNow’s Now Platform Vancouver release and be made generally available on September 29 to all customers via the ServiceNow Store.

Now Assist for ITSM

Now Assist for ITSM allows enterprise IT leaders to improve agent productivity and employee experience and reach faster resolutions.

With summaries of incident histories and live virtual agent interactions, agents can resolve issues and requests in less time.

It can also create contextual summaries of incidents and resolution notes, which assists in achieving incident management best practices and resolves incidents quicker.

Now Assist for HR

Now Assist for HR enables HR leaders to increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduces manual tasks for their HR teams, and gets the answers employees need quickly.

With the ability to review instant summaries of case topics, history from live chat and virtual agent interactions, and previous resolutions and actions, managers will no longer need to spend time searching through to find the information they need.

Now Assist for Creator

Now Assist for Creator assists development teams to create and scale apps faster. As such, businesses may access a more scalable, secure, and high-quality code generation technology, according to ServiceNow.

It also includes text-to-code, which turns natural language text into code suggestions.

Text-to-code allows all aspects of an enterprise to enjoy a seamless coding experience that can speed up development and enhance productivity.

ServiceNow announced in July this year that it is adding generative AI into all of its workflow offerings.

The US-based cloud computing company showcased its plans for AI expansion at its Financial Analyst Day.

It subsequently revealed further plans to introduce generative AI to its virtual agent solution, Now Assist.



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