Solvemate Adds Enhanced Accessibility Features to its Platform

Sandra Radlovački

New features will help customers with different impairments find answers more easily

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Solvemate Adds Enhanced Accessibility Features to its Platform

Conversational AI firm Solvemate has added enhanced accessibility features to its customer service automation platform to help customer service teams extend the use of self-service.

The Berlin-based firm says their customer service automation platform is now more accessible to people with sight, hearing, visual and mobility impairments.

Jürgen Vogel, co-founder and CTO of Solvemate, said:

“Providing accessibility for those that need additional support is an imperative for all customer service teams. We see this across all sectors, particularly banking and public institutions that need to make services equitably available to all users.”

Solvemate’s enhanced accessibility features include a variety of solutions, namely:

  • For those with cognitive impairments: The Solvemate Contextual Conversation Engine™ uniquely uses both dynamic decision tree logic buttons and free text fields (NLP)
  • For those with hearing impairments: Solvemate’s chatbot includes text and image conversation descriptions to read along as well as a text-based handover
  • For those with mobility impairments: Solvemate’s Conversational IVR (voice) allows intuitive access to customers service via phone
  • For those with visual impairments: Solvemate widget can be fully navigated with screen readers.

Solvemate’s accessibility feature works out of the box with no extra effort for the service team setting up the chatbot.

The firm claims the features will enable teams to “instantly extend their service offering to more customers with personalised, self-service automation.”

In March, Solvemate added NLP capabilities to its customer service platform to create The Solvemate Contextual Conversational Engine, the software used to help customers with cognitive impairments.



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