Sprinklr Unleashes 145 New CCaaS Capabilities

The vendor aims to make a big splash in the contact center market

Sprinklr Unleashes 145 New CCaaS Capabilities
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Published: March 23, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Sprinklr has released 145 new features and enhancements for its CCaaS platform: Sprinklr Service.

These include additional self-service options, AI-powered quality management (QM), and conversational analytics tools – to just skim the surface.

The sheer scale of the release underlines its ambitions in the contact center space, which has become crowded with a host of new players. These include Microsoft, Google, and Zoom.

However, Sprinklr already has an advantage, with a whole host of big-name brands already using its social suite – including Mcdonald’s, Netflix, Samsung, and many others.

As such, it may attempt to expand its presence in several large enterprises.

With over 70 percent of contact centers yet to move to the cloud – according to 2023 Metrigy research – an exciting opportunity could await Sprinklr.

Yet, one concern prospective customers likely have is the infancy of its solution, being little more than 12 months old.

Nevertheless, the vendor has rebranded its CCaaS platform – formerly known as Sprinklr Modern Care – and is innovating rapidly.

Such speed is evident in its latest release wave, which features 145 CCaaS innovations. Here is a rundown of some of the most eye-catching.

The AI Highlights of Its CCaaS Release Wave

Many of the 145 innovations are AI-driven. First is its predictive analytics solution that harnesses conversational data to foresee future customer behaviors, such as likelihood to purchase or churn.

With this capability, Sprinklr hopes to allow businesses to increase customer value and retention.

The vendor also released intent and impact analysis tools. The latter allows contact centers to assess the drivers of critical CX metrics, including CSAT and NPS.

Next, Sprinklr unveiled an automated QM solution, which automatically evaluates all customer contacts, spotlighting opportunities for improvement and praise.

While some of its rivals serve up similar solutions, many contact centers still depend on WFO specialists for this.

Service operations also rely on such specialist vendors for AI-powered forecasting, scheduling, and adherence monitoring. Yet, Sprinklr has now moved into this arena too.

Perhaps this is no surprise, as Sprinklr earned a reputation for its AI prowess in its VoC applications, building sophisticated natural language models.

Moreover, it became the highest-ranking new entrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for conversational AI this year, achieving a “challenger” position.

By centralizing conversational AI, CCaaS, WFO, VoC, and analytics – Sprinklr is building a broad portfolio, which may allow businesses to converge their CX tech stack.

Sprinklr’s Channel-Specific Innovation Impress

Sprinklr hopes to spearhead the CCaaS industry in its channel selection, offering 30+ communication pathways for customers to interact with the contact center.

Yet, it’s also innovating on these channels to empower its CCaaS customers with new capabilities.

For example, one of Sprinklr’s new features allows contact centers to pull product catalogs onto their WhatsApp Business accounts.

In doing so, the vendor paves the way for consumers to find, message, and buy from businesses through the channel.

Moreover, Sprinklr added a troubleshooting workflow to its live chat channel. The self-service function surfaces knowledge, guides, and announcements for customers to help them solve their issues autonomously,

Finally, Sprinklr has bolstered its outbound voice proposition with a predictive dialler, campaign tools, automated callbacks, reporting, and several other advanced features.

Expect More to Come from Sprinklr

Co-browsing. Video analytics. Ticket collaboration. These are just some of the additional use cases Sprinklr has released, and the vendor shows no sign of slowing down.

Indeed, it is making it a prerogative to “disrupt” the market. As Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Sprinklr, stated:

For more than a year, we have been working with leading organizations around the world to disrupt the traditional enterprise CCaaS market and deliver new service strategies for digital-first enterprises.

In doing so, Sprinklr has enjoyed early success, with CCaaS responsible for one-third of its new bookings in the previous quarter.

These results are impressive, considering how selective most organizations are when choosing CCaaS solutions. It’s not an arena where a vendor can throw features at the wall and see what sticks.

Brands must make big statements, deliver rapid innovation, and earn customer trust.

So far, so good for Sprinklr.



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