Talkdesk Expands Its Agent-Assist and Self-Service Suites with the Help of Generative AI

The new GenAI-fueled agent-assist features can cut handling times by 15 percent, claims the vendor

Talkdesk Expands Its Agent-Assist and Self-Service Suites with the Help of Generative AI
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Published: October 16, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Talkdesk has released a flurry of generative AI (GenAI) innovations to assist contact center agents and simplify self-service design.

The new agent-focused features build on Talkdesk’s Automatic Summary solution.

As the name suggests, that solution summarizes customer contacts for agents in a standard format – streamlining their post-call-processing tasks.

Now, the CCaaS vendor has paired this with a Generative Knowledge Retrieval tool that parses contact center knowledge sources to surface helpful, relevant information.

The agent may then use that to inform a real-time response instead of trawling through support content, saving precious time.

Talkdesk has also released its out-of-the-box Automatic Topic Discovery tool. With this, contact centers can capture customer intent and sentiment from “every customer conversation”.

By automatically gauging intent, agents do not have to add a disposition code to each contact, which again accelerates their after call work.

When these three tools work in tandem, contact centers can reduce average handling time (AHT) by 15 percent – according to Talkdesk.

Yet, the Automatic Topic Discovery solution has many more use cases.

For instance, contact centers can use the intent data to inform the creation of agent support content, spot self-service opportunities, and quickly get to the bottom of sudden peaks in contact volumes.

Meanwhile, sentiment data allows the business to measure CSAT more accurately, spot causes of dissatisfaction, and build a more sophisticated sales and retention strategy.

JK Moving, a North American moving company and early adopter, has already realized the latter.

Sharing its story, Ken Cohen, SVP of Sales, Executive Business Development, and Revenue Growth at JK Moving, stated:

With the introduction of GenAI, we’ve taken our quality of service and operational efficiency a massive step further: our handle times have significantly decreased, and repeat business for our inside sales team has increased by 55 percent.

Yet, these aren’t the only new generative AI innovations. Indeed, Talkdesk has also released a Process-Based Virtual Agent.

Contact centers can plug this into various knowledge sources, and it will answer customer queries without any prior training.

As such, the solution “eliminates the need for conversation design” while it also cites the source of its response if the customer wishes to dive deeper.

With this capability, the contact center can automate more customer queries, which – together with lower handling times – represents a potentially significant cost saving.

However, despite the promise of such innovation, many businesses need additional guarantees as to the safety of implementing GenAI within the enterprise.

While many rivals may already offer similar GenAI solutions to those above – here is where Talkdesk seemingly goes further.

How Talkdesk Plans to Ensure the Safe, Ethical Use of GenAI

AI in the contact center has a lot of potential, yet no AI- or GenAI-powered tool is perfect.

Recognizing this, Talkdesk has long differentiated its CCaaS platforms with no-code tools that agents and supervisors can use when they spot an inaccuracy in an AI-powered system.

When using the tool, they notify the model of the inaccuracy and help it to improve.

Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research, previously discussed the significance of this approach, stating:

Human in the loop AI training can fill in the gaps that machines might miss. In this new AI era, Talkdesk continues to deliver state-of-the-art products that will decrease cost and improve CX.

With its GenAI innovation, Talkdesk stays true to this approach, releasing “Data Augmentation”, “GenAI Observability Dashboard”, and “GenAI Fine-tuning & Simulation” tools.

These solutions help to identify biases, establish guardrails, and simulate testing. Those tests lower the risk of hallucinations.

Sharing more, Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk, stated: “As more enterprises deploy GenAI within business functions, it’s clear that more work needs to be done to ensure accuracy, responsibility, and accessibility of the technology.

At Talkdesk, we’re taking a stand in the CCaaS industry to ensure that GenAI within the contact center does no harm to the business or its customers, provides the right level of personalized experiences across the customer journey, and gives more businesses access to its benefits.

The vendor will delve deeper into its GenAI strategy during this week’s Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2023 conference in Orlando.

At the event, Talkdesk will also share more of the latest capabilities added to its flagship Talkdesk CX Cloud and Talkdesk Industry Experience Clouds.

The latter solution is the bedrock of Talkdesk’s sector-specific platform approach, identified as a core strength of the vendor in the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS report.

Meanwhile, in its “Voice of the Customer” for CCaaS study 2023, Gartner identified Talkdesk as one of only three Customers’ Choice vendors.



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