Talkdesk Launches a New CX Solution for Financial Services

The solution aims to unify the customer journey across policy servicing, claims, and new business

Talkdesk Launches a New CX Solution for Financial Services
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Published: April 27, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Talkdesk has launched a new CX solution targeted toward financial services: Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance.

Described as the “industry’s first CX solution purpose-built for unifying the insurance customer journey”, the platform provides integrations with various claims management systems, policy administration systems, and CRM systems.

Scott Bright, Vice President, Financial Services Product Management, at Talkdesk, said: “Insurers are operating within a complex environment. Volatile investment markets, emerging competitors, and natural disasters are driving them to increase focus on delivering ever-better CX and squeezing more value from their operations.”

“With Talkdesk Financial Services Experience Cloud for Insurance, they can unify customer journeys, enable frontline employees to work more efficiently, and be well positioned to not only navigate market challenges, but take advantage of the opportunities.”

Designed to meet and exceed rising customer expectations in the financial services industry, Talkdesk’s platform offers a broad range of benefits, such as easy modification of agent workflows, a holistic view of the client context and interactions history, and pre-trained artificial intelligence.

The platform also includes real-time guidance and recommendations for the next best actions to help agents have more efficient, personalised conversations.

To offer its customers more options for protecting payment data, Talkdesk recently partnered with data security and call compliance provider Semafone.

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