The Genesys-AWS Partnership Is Starting to Heat Up

The partnership somewhat mirrors that of Genesys and Salesforce – which inspired a pioneering joint CCaaS-CRM platform

The Genesys-AWS Partnership Is Starting to Heat Up
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Published: October 23, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Genesys is pulling itself closer to AWS and taking the opportunity at GITEX 2023 to highlight the benefits of their collaboration to prospective customers.

Indeed, AWS was the talk of the Genesys booth – alongside its new CCaaS-CRM platform, built in partnership with Salesforce.

The collaboration is longstanding, with Genesys building its Cloud CX, Cloud EX, and AI solutions on AWS’ cloud infrastructure.

Moreover, thanks to the partnership, customers receive a consolidated bill, flexible terms, and discounted pricing through the AWS Marketplace.

Yet, this is just the beginning, with the two CX juggernauts signing a strategic collaboration arrangement earlier this year.

Similar to the deal Genesys signed with Salesforce before the launch of their co-platform, this is a joint development and go-to-market agreement.

As part of the deal, both businesses pledged “to help organizations create exceptional experiences through deeper coordination of technologies and intelligent, automated solutions.”

Already, this is starting to come to fruition, with Genesys offering federated access to LLMs – such as Amazon’s Titan, Anthropic’s Claude, and AI21Lab’s Jurassic-2 – via an Amazon Bedrock API.

As such, businesses can leverage their chosen LLM to power the Genesys CX Cloud’s generative AI capabilities.

Discussing the benefits of this move and the broader partnership, Bobby Abedeen, Principal PDM, CX Transformation at AWS, told CX Today:

“The Genesys and AWS Partnership increases choice and brings together deep relationships with customers, aligning stakeholders to work backward from needs to deliver strategic CX business value through outcomes.

This is a win for customers as Genesys aligns with the latest generative AI (GenAI) innovations and Cloud expertise from AWS, providing confidence to Executive customer stakeholders.

However, this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg – with Genesys releasing the following video last week to promote the partnership.

In the video, Genesys draws attention to its experience orchestration technology as a value-add within the AWS ecosystem.

By making this point, the vendor addresses the uninitiated AWS audience and highlights opportunities to improve customer-facing operations beyond Amazon Connect.

There are also opportunities within Genesys’s mature workforce management (WFM) and CX reporting solutions.

Yet, it works the other way too. Indeed, AWS can add value to Genesys via Polly, Lamda, and Lex.

Another great example is the AWS QnABot Solution that many Genesys customers already leverage to front up their IVRs.

Such opportunities underline the vast potential of converging the two portfolios – and several of these examples emphasize how Genesys understands where the value-add lies.

With its collaboration agreement, Genesys and AWS will consider how they can best act on these.

While it’s unlikely to result in a co-platform – like the Genesys-Salesforce venture – a reference architecture for how to best integrate the solutions is perhaps a possibility.

Given how Genesys and AWS both offer “leading” CCaaS solutions – as per the Gartner Magic Quadrant – such a proposition would likely prove alluring.

Nevertheless, it could extend far beyond Connect – given that AWS has platforms in adjacent fields such as CPaaS, ERP, and BI.

Each of these solutions could add value for Genesys customers, and it will be fascinating to see if the CX tech giants factor these into their co-innovation efforts.



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