The Top ERP Vendors for 2024

Enterprise resource planning vendors in 2024

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Published: January 15, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Running an efficient and profitable contact centre in today’s landscape relies heavily on a company’s ability to leverage the right tools. Business leaders rely on technology to manage everything from employee workflows to customer relationships and communication platforms.  

For many fast-paced organizations, an ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning system, is one of the most vital tools in their technology stack. It allows business leaders and staff members to efficiently handle everything from procurement and accounting to project assignment, supply chain operations, and compliance.  

Today, the market for ERP technologies is accelerating towards a projected value of $90.63 billion by 2029 alone. However, with so many options to choose from it can be difficult for business leaders to know where to begin. Today, we will look at some of the top ERP solution providers in the landscape for 2024 and beyond.  

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Sage Intacct
  • Acumatica
  • Odoo
  • Epicor
  • IFS
  • Unit4
  • Aptean
  • Access
  • QAD
  • Plex Systems
  • Priority
  • Rockwell Automation
  • ECI
  • ServiceNow
  • Pegasystems
  • BMC
  • RealPage


Cloud and technology solutions provider Oracle produces a host of tools for business leaders, ranging from AI and machine learning platforms to data lakes, compliance systems and networking tools. The Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning system is an AI-infused suite developed and delivered in the cloud to provide companies with the tools they need to automate and streamline processes.  

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud ERP, named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ERP solutions, includes tools for accounting, reporting and analytics, as well as revenue management, procurement, risk management, and compliance. There are also built-in solutions for supply chain and manufacturing insights and enterprise performance management, with profitability and cost reports, account reconciliation, and cloud data management.  

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Known for a wide selection of communication and collaboration tools, as well as resources focused on customer relationship management and digital transformation, Microsoft serves a variety of business use cases. The Dynamics 365 ERP software from Microsoft streamlines financial insights and operations into an all-in-one environment, with built-in workflows for automation.  

Users of the Dynamics platform benefit from access to complete end-to-end visibility into their operations, with AI tools which can help to spot challenges and trends. Microsoft even offers specialist solutions for sales and marketing, service management, commerce, and handling the various complexities of the modern supply chain.  

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Software innovators, SAP specialize in delivering a range of ERP solutions targeted at companies from different industries and sectors. The flagship solution from the company is the SAP Cloud ERP, a fully modular cloud solution powered by AI and analytics. The technology includes a host of capabilities for accounting and financial processes, sales, sourcing, and procurement.  

Companies can also leverage automation tools for manufacturing and production planning, supply chain management, and service analytics. SAP customers can choose between a ready-to-run cloud ERP service or a private solution tailored to fit their specific use cases. SAP’s technology is regularly recognized as a leader by analysts such as IDC, Forrester, and Gartner.  

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Sage Intacct 

With numerous products covering the financial, accounting, and industry management landscape, Sage Intacct supports businesses all over the world. The company’s ERP software systems are customized to suit the requirements of different companies, allowing brands from each industry to leverage specialist services based on their needs.  

The Sage Intacct ecosystem includes features such as a multi-dimensional general ledger for financial tracking, subscription billing systems, reporting and dashboard analytics, and more. The platform can also connect with other business tools, such as Salesforce, and comes with coding solutions to allow companies to develop their own applications.  

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Focused heavily on the Enterprise Resource Planning space, Acumatica delivers solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, often based in the cloud. Accumatica offers access to a flexible, customizable platform which can integrate with the systems and tools companies already use. Users can also personalize their instances using a low-code or no-code environment.  

The Acumatica ERP service features end-to-end analytics and reporting features, with real-time insights and dashboards available for all kinds of employees. The modular system can also be billed per-use, so companies only pay for the functionality and data they use. There’s also support for AI-powered automation built into the platform.  

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Open-source vendor Odoo takes a unique approach to Enterprise Resource Planning, with a highly flexible toolkit featuring multiple app options. Users can build their own custom platform with tools for project management, inventory management, invoicing, accounting and more. There are also tools available for marketing, development, and sales.  

The Odoo ecosystem integrates with a range of existing tools, as well as thousands of community-built applications. Companies can also leverage intuitive tools for AI analytics, automation, and the management of IoT solutions. CRM and PLM technologies can also be combined with the Odoo platform for a single pane of glass experience. 

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American software vendor Epicor builds products designed to suit the needs of specific industries, such as retail, manufacturing, and distribution. The ERP and business management software offered by Epicor falls into several categories, from iScala business management software to Epicor Tropos for manufacturing brands.  

The core ERP system is Epicor Kinetic, a cloud-based platform with built-in tools for employee experience, business intelligence, global supply chain management, risk, compliance, and more. The system comes with flexible dashboards and analytics tools, as well as AI integrations and automation capabilities. Epicor will also work with brands to tailor the platform to their specific needs, integrating new capabilities and functionality.  

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Multinational software company IFS AB provides access to numerous cloud-based tools and services for business process management. With a number of ERP solutions to offer within the IFS Cloud, the company addresses the unique needs of specific industries related to finance, project management, Human Resources, and procurement.  

Within the platform, companies can leverage in-depth, customizable reports and analytical dashboards, as well as simple automated workflows to boost efficiency. The multi-tiered solution can be adjusted to the specific financial and compliance needs of service industries, manufacturing companies, construction, and energy brands. Users can also take advantage of integrations with existing software platforms and tools.  

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Unit4 produces FP&A, HCM, S2C, and ERP tools for companies from a variety of industries worldwide. The organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning software combines tools for financial management, project management, procurement, HR, payroll, and reporting into one package. Each solution can also be customized for the specific needs of each brand. 

Within the ecosystem, companies gain access to unified reporting tools and dashboards, as well as project templates for automating tasks. The core HR system also comes with valuable tools for workforce management, such as absence tracking and expense reporting. Plus, a built-in payroll system is included, with automation for streamlining payments. 

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Focused on the era of digital transformation, Aptean develops tools designed to streamline business processes. Offering a tailored ERP solution, Aptean adapts its cloud-based technology to the specific requirements of each customer. Companies can also leverage industry-specific ERP systems designed for finance, manufacturing, and other landscapes.  

Each ERP platform solution comes with access to tools for automating projects and processes, improving visibility with reporting, and capturing data from multiple environments. Plus, companies can choose to align their ERP ecosystem with additional tools from Aptean, such as Enterprise Asset Management and Electronic Data Interchange platforms.  

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The Access Group is a software vendor with solutions distributed across various categories. Companies can leverage everything from event and expense management tools to digital learning platforms, cloud hosting, and compliance services. With its ERP software suite, Access provides finance, MRP, stock management, CRM, payroll, inventory, and HR solutions.  

The dedicated cloud solution is made up of a variety of solutions and products which can be adapted and customized to each user. Automation solutions and templates are included to assist with streamlining common tasks. Additionally, companies can leverage the Access Workspace for apps and tools which deliver dashboards, real-time insights, and single-sign-on support.  

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Focusing heavily on manufacturing and supply chain companies, QAD provides flexible, cloud-based solutions for the ERP and MRP space. The core solution offered by the company is the QAD Adaptive ERP, a digital platform with 99.5% uptime guarantees. The as-a-service solution can be customized to the needs of the manufacturing industry and comes with a range of applications to access from the QAD application portfolio.  

Alongside core solutions for manufacturing brands, QAD also offers dedicated ERP tools for sales and field service. The ERP ecosystem also features tools for enterprise asset management, data collection, inventory tracking and product execution. Companies can also choose to add functionalities for transportation, supply chain, and global trade management. 

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Plex Systems 

Known for its Smart Manufacturing Platform, Plex System is a software vendor with a leadership position in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant. The Plex Systems ERP suite promises companies a way to connect disparate tools, automate common processes, and make better decisions with end-to-end analytics. This tool was specially built for the manufacturing space.  

Within the Plex Systems ERP platform, companies can find tools for enterprise accounting and consolidation, financial management, human capital management, and supply chain monitoring. There’s a mobile application available for monitoring insights on the move. What’s more, companies can choose to adapt their ERP to their industry, with tools for automotive, food and beverage, and industrial businesses.  

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With mobile and cloud-based ERP systems on offer, Priority promises companies a flexible selection of tools for enterprise resource management. The cloud-based ERP solutions from Priority can be implemented quickly in any environment and include access to their own mobile apps. Additionally, the ecosystem is made up of flexible modules which can adapt to each user’s need.  

Companies can leverage time and attendance tools for remote and hybrid teams, financial tracking, manufacturing and logistics modules, and business intelligence services. There are also options to integrate project management tools and CRM platforms into the environment. APIs, automation tools, and AI systems are also available to assist with streamlining business processes.  

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Rockwell Automation 

Offering ERP solutions through Plex, and MES technologies for manufacturing brands, Rockwell Automation assists companies in controlling and streamlining business processes. With Rockwell’s add-on technologies for the Plex ecosystem, companies can take advantage of connected supply chain workflows, automated to suit their specific needs.  

AI-based process control solutions are available, as well as intelligent asset management and predictive maintenance solutions. Rockwell Automation helps companies in the manufacturing industry to combine their ERP capabilities with purpose-built solutions such as FactoryTalk, ProductionCentre, and more. The company also offers training and support for team members embracing ERP capabilities for the first time.  

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Prioritizing the development of custom-made software solutions, ECI delivers flexible ERP platforms built to suit the needs of different industries. The cloud-based portfolio of tools offered by ECI covers everything from workflow management to automated workflows and analytics. Companies can work with the ECI team to build their ERP environment step-by-step and leverage useful add-ons. 

ERP add-on technologies include solutions for sales intelligence and customer relationship management, as well as proof of delivery systems and end-to-end analytics. Due to their flexible cloud ecosystem, ECI can adapt its portfolio to a range of companies and provide access to step-by-step guidance and training to new team members.  

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Specializing in a host of tools for sales and service teams, ServiceNow offers a variety of software solutions for all kinds of business interactions. Unlike many other ERP solution providers, ServiceNow focuses on providing companies with the tools they need to build their own custom platforms from scratch. The low-code app development and automation platform ServiceNow App Engine allows companies to pick and choose the tools they need for resource management.  

Within the environment, companies can leverage advanced AI and analytics capabilities, reporting and monitoring tools, and ITSM capabilities. To assist businesses in getting started, ServiceNow also provides templates for workflows and step-by-step guidance. Companies can also use ServiceNow to integrate multiple different tools for ERP, CRM, and business management.  

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Cloud and low-code application company Pegasystems assists business leaders in developing customized solutions for planning and resource management. The end-to-end platform allows organizations to connect multiple tools used throughout the ERP space, from financial tracking to inventory management software, in one environment.  

Users can leverage low-code app development tools to create custom workflows, leveraging robotic process automation capabilities and real-time intelligence along the way. The solution is designed to work with a host of existing technologies from software companies like SAP. Plus, organizations can leverage support and guidance from the Pegasystems team when building their platform.  

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Working as a partner for the SAP company, BMC assists companies in taking advantage of their existing SAP infrastructure for enterprise resource management. The company can help businesses to set up rules-based workflows for automation and integrate their ecosystem with existing IT processes and tools. BMC also helps with provisioning to external cloud providers.  

BMC works with business leaders to automate and enhance the C3 environment from the self-service portal, using configurable workflows and automated provisioning. The brand can also guide companies through making intelligent business decisions, with access to transparent usage reports and other analytics.  

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Focusing on the Real Estate market, RealPage delivers a host of solutions for companies, including digital content services, contact center tools, payment processing capabilities, and accounting software. The company’s flexible approach to ERP solutions allows organizations to mix and match the services they need for documents, facilities, property, and revenue management, among other things. Plus, there are even tools available for companies pursuing sustainability.  

RealPage’s technology ensures companies can access crucial tools for automation and analytics throughout the enterprise. The industry-specific tools on offer also include access to intelligent analytics, and business leaders can take advantage of specialist support services too.  

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