Top 7 Use Cases for CX Outsourcing in 2022

Use cases for outsourcing CX in 2022

Top 7 Use Cases for CX Outsourcing in 2022
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Last Edited: May 18, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Customer expectations are growing at an incredible pace, and companies are struggling to keep up with demands. According to one report, 75% of support leaders believe customer needs have evolved recently, but only around 34% think they’re capable of meeting expectations.

To bridge the gap between what customers want, and what today’s internal CX teams are capable of, many brands are beginning to turn to CX outsourcing opportunities. Business Process Outsourcing brands around the world have begun offering more “CX” focused services, concentrating on everything from voice of the customer analytics, to contact centre support.

Today, we’re going to look at just some of the use cases for outsourcing customer experience in the modern landscape.

1. Achieve Flexible Scalability

Companies of all sizes are discovering how important it is to be flexible, scalable, and agile with their CX strategies in the post-pandemic era. During the pandemic, messages and call volumes in the contact centre rose to incredible levels. The result was endless unhappy customers left waiting hours in a queue just to speak to a support representative.

While hiring new members of staff would require companies to invest significant time and money in the recruitment process, business process outsourcing offers an affordable, flexible alternative. With the right company, brands can easily outsource their customer service needs. Within no time, you can quickly access support for answering calls, responding to messages, and closing support tickets.

2. Access Expertise for your CX Team

As customer experience demands continue to evolve, many companies are struggling to keep up with changing trends and expectations from their target audience. Once again, outsourcing can be the solution to this problem, giving companies instant access to external experts.

BPO companies offering CX services know what it takes to create happy, and satisfied customers in any industry. They can also give you access to additional expertise you may not have within your internal team. For instance, your outsourced CX professionals could help with things like implementing tools for fraud detection and prevention, while your internal experts work on answering calls and resolving issues.

3. Leverage the Latest Technology

BPO companies offering CX support in the modern world have access to a range of innovative tools and solutions capable of enhancing your approach to customer service. For instance, while you’re dealing with a transformative period in your CX strategy, you might not have the budget required to invest in tools for things like machine learning, AI, and virtual contact centre software.

Outsourcing with a CX-focused BPO company can allow you to leverage more of the latest technology designed to transform your CX strategy. CX outsourcing could mean you can leverage support to help you build self-service chatbots and intelligent assistants for your customers. You could even work with outsourcing brands on integrating various pieces of CX technology in your business, so you can have a more comprehensive end-to-end view of the client journey.

4. Unlock New Channels for Service

The omnichannel customer experience is a must-have for any company hoping to keep up with the competition today. However, if you only have so many employees available in your team, there are only so many channels they can handle at once. Even with innovative tools like CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) software to bring multiple channels together, you may not be able to offer all of the avenues your customers want with your existing team.

CX outsourcing could allow you to essentially add another remote segment to your team of contact center agents, focused specifically on other modes of communication. For instance, you could have your internal team dealing with phone calls and messaging, while your outsource professionals handle video conferencing and SMS.

As channels for customer service continue to evolve, a CX outsourcing company could even help you to explore the potential of things like XR for customer service.

5. Improve Employee Experience

When the demands of your customers outgrow the abilities of your internal team, this leads to increased pressure on your internal agents. Already, countless contact centres are struggling with high turnover figures among their team members, particularly in the age of the “Great Resignation.” Outsourcing certain aspects of your CX strategy to another team of dedicated professionals can help to reduce some of the pressure on your team.

For instance, if you outsource things like back office support, fraud prevention and detection, and customer journey mapping to a BPO company, your internal agents can focus more on the things they do best, like delivering personalized customer service, and improving client lifetime value. Less strain on your employees leads to an overall better experience for your team, which contributes to reduced burnout and fewer issues with wellbeing.

6. Optimise your CX Analytics

Gathering and processing data is one of the most important things any business can do to improve customer experience. The more useful information you collect about your audience and their journey with your brand, the easier it is to build successful CX strategies. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of tools in the CX landscape to help with collecting data, not every business will have the expertise they need in-house to leverage this information.

Outsourcing certain aspects of your CX analytics strategy to BPO companies can help you to develop a deeper knowledge of your target audience. Many of the top CX Outsourcing companies can help with everything from customer journey mapping, to translating the voice of the customer, and even implementing predictive journey orchestration strategies.

7. Enhance Business Growth

More than just a way to expand your contact centre team when your customer service requests spike, CX outsourcing can be a powerful way to unlock countless new opportunities in the CX landscape. As Business Process Outsourcing companies continue to implement new forms of “CX outsourcing” into their service stack, the opportunities for businesses are endless.

Used correctly, CX outsourcing can give companies the foundations they need for stronger, more consistent growth, built on everything from greater back office support to advanced customer analytics and journey mapping.

All the while, you can avoid some of the most common risks associated with relying on internal employees alone, like accessing staff during a pandemic.


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