Top CCaaS Platforms for 2021

CCaaS platforms to explore in 2021

Top CCaaS Platforms for 2021

Now more than ever, companies are painfully aware of how important it is for them to remain as agile and flexible as possible. In a world where customers expect more from the companies they buy from, on-premises contact centres simply don’t give brands the same freedom to grow and adapt.

CCaaS, on the other hand (Contact Centre as a Service), supports companies in building the contact centre perfect for them, with a flexible, cloud-based environment. Through CCaaS, companies can finally create the ideal contact centre, complete with support for remote working staff, and access to amazing features, like AI and machine learning.

So, which are the top CCaaS platforms available right now?

Here are just some of our favourites.

1. Talkdesk

Recognised by Gartner as a leading CCaaS solution, Talkdesk offers a flexible cloud environment companies can adjust to suit them. You can invest in regional cloud, hybrid cloud, and other advanced options.

Talkdesk’s CCaaS platform is secure, 100% reliable, and packed with functionality. You can link in your Salesforce environment for CRM benefits, access compliant screen recording, and even take payments with PCI-ready solutions. Talkdesk also has its own virtual agent and speech analytics technology too.


UJET offers comprehensive omni-channel CCaaS solutions for the digitally transforming business. Intended to empower businesses in the new age of cloud technology and remote working, UJET’s CCaaS offering removes in-person call centre technology and replaces it with an ever-flexible cloud environment, offering everything from video conversations to virtual assistants.

UJET’S cloud contact centre environment is designed for the era of smartphone CX, so companies can create the best possible interactions with clients.

3. 8×8

Named a Challenger in the Gartner 2020 CCaaS Magic Quadrant, 8×8 is a market leader in cloud technology. The company specialises in customisable contact centre tech that you can adjust to suit your business needs. The flexible CCaaS environment improves employee engagement with collaboration tools, unified productivity toolsets and AI-powered self-service.

You can access omni-channel routing with virtual assistant support for your IVR. There are various digital channels to connect to, a predictive dialer system for outbound calling, and a range of workforce engagement tools too.

4. Five9

Innovators in next-generation communication tools, Five9 promises to take any contact centre to new heights with a friendly user interface and various customisation options. The Five9 CCaaS offering provides out-of-the-box integration with leading CRM providers, so you can track customer relationships and deliver more memorable, relevant experiences. Smart dialling and intelligent routing are included as part of the experience too.

Five9’s omni-channel CCaaS solution combines all of the platforms where you might connect with your customers and empowers agents with tools like on-screen caller info. There’s even an advanced desktop interface.

5. Avaya

Avaya’s cloud-based contact centre ensures companies can offer the same meaningful experiences to customers no matter where their agents might be. The multi-experience contact centre can connect various platforms, as well as offering self-service solutions to clients that want to answer their own problems fast. You can tap into AI and knowledge tools, data analytics, and immersive reporting.

Workplace engagement tools keep your staff on the right track no matter how distributed your team might be. All that, and Avaya allows you to scale your contact centre at a pace that suits you.

6. Puzzel

Designed for companies who can’t afford to take risks with customer service, Puzzel delivers state-of-the-art omni-channel experiences through the cloud. The platform makes it easier to manage every aspect of your customer contact strategy quickly and effectively, with access to available workforce management and engagement tools too.

A completely cloud-native application provides an end-to-end view of interactions with customers across all channels. What’s more, the Puzzel team ensures you can adapt your contact centre with new integrations and add-ons.

7. Vonage

Vonage believes that customer experience is crucial for any business these days, which is why the team is so committed to providing a modern and immersive Omni-channel environment. Through the cloud-based contact centre, companies can scale at a pace that suits them, and keep employees productive around the world.

Vonage even makes it easier to combine your front-end and back-end communications strategy with bundled UCaaS and CCaaS offerings.

8. RingCentral

One of the most innovative cloud communications companies on the market today, RingCentral is all about helping customers take full advantage of the flexible landscape. RingCentral Engage is a cloud contact centre built to deliver immersive experiences through things like analytics, AI, and tools for employee engagement.

No matter the size of your company, RingCentral can deliver a scalable CCaaS environment built to suit your needs, complete with solutions for ongoing compliance, security, and privacy.

9. Genesys

Built to maximize customer experiences in an environment where demands are constantly changing, the Genesys Customer Experience platform is a full CCaaS solution. Built on the proven technology of Genesys’ communication stack, this cloud-based contact centre will unlock omni-channel customer experience analytics and reporting modern IVR, and even self-service.

Companies can unlock powerful updates to their contact centre performance while reducing costs at the same time. There’s even skills-based intelligent routing to improve your chances of solving problems the first time around.

10. Odigo

The Odigo CCaaS solution focuses on delighting customers so they turn into brand ambassadors and advocates. Named a Visionary by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS, Odigo is all about enabling agile contact centre experiences. The brand brings 20 years of market knowledge into the industry to offer an agile experience to all kinds of remote and hybrid agents.

With Odigo, companies can tap into innovative AI experiences, state-of-the-art routing, and workforce engagement tools. There’s also some of the best support in the world available from the Odigo team.

11. NICE inContact

NICE inContact is a company committed to strengthening the connections between brands and their customers. As a leader in contact centre software, according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and Forrester reports, NICE promises unbeatable innovation for growing teams. You can build the platform that’s right for you with CXOne, a completely customisable cloud environment.

CXOne comes with support for automation and AI, customer analytics, an open cloud foundation, and so much more. There are also tools for reporting and analytics so you can check your team performance and optimise your workforce.

12. Enghouse Interactive

Flexible, agile, and scalable are the pillars of the Enghouse Interactive CCaaS environment. The Trio Cloud contact centre promises an effective way to deliver amazing customer experience at any time. Enghouse Interactive’s Trio contact centre integrates seamlessly with other CRM tools and applications in your business and can grow with your brand.

Aside from integrations and a user-friendly interface, Enghouse Interactive also includes premium security to suit the highest demands of any industry.

13. Content Guru

The Storm Cloud contact centre solution from Content Guru is a full customer engagement, experience, and service platform. Providing a host of features from a convenient user-friendly interface, Storm ensures companies can connect effectively with their target audience. Browser-based access makes it easy to set up a hybrid workforce too.

Content Guru’s CCaaS offering ensures absolute scalability, intended to give you the flexibility you need to grow. There are integrations with virtually any third-party or legacy system, and you get the promise of 99.999% uptime.

14. Cisco Webex

Designed to transform the customer experience environment, the Cisco Webex Contact Centre is the CCaaS solution from the Cisco and Webex teams. This omni-channel contact centre prioritizes digital-first experiences, with access to contextual information for agents, and intelligent virtual assistant support for growing teams.

Within the contact centre, companies get access to a highly customisable platform that integrates with tools like Cisco Webex meetings for better back-end collaboration. The solution is also highly adaptable, with various AI solutions and platform integration to explore.

Want to learn more about CCaaS and the best providers available for contact centres today? Check out our CCaaS Market Guide for more insights.



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