Top CX Vendors Majoring in Manufacturing in 2022

Vendors delivering CX excellence in manufacturing

Top CX Vendors Majoring in Manufacturing in 2022
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Published: April 29, 2022

Rebekah Carter

As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, embracing new technology, go-to-market strategies, and even evolving audiences, CX continues to be a major consideration. To thrive in any industry, companies need to ensure they’re building meaningful, relevant experiences for their target audience. This means leveraging the right technology.

CX vendors in the manufacturing industry can provide business leaders with various ways to strengthen their position in the marketplace and compete with other brands. From CRM tools and workforce optimization software to CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) offerings, there is no shortage of phenomenal tools available for modern brands.

Today, we’re looking at some of the top CX vendors with solutions specifically suited to the manufacturing space.


Pioneers in communication solutions built to empower teams and delight customers, Mitel can offer a range of tools to business leaders in the manufacturing sector. The Mitel communication technologies are perfect for bringing teams together, particularly in a hybrid environment, with workforce optimisation services and collaboration tools.

Mitel’s technology can integrate with your CRM and contact centre technology to help you strengthen your position in any marketplace with a better knowledge of your target audience. Already, Mitel has assisted a range of manufacturing brands in improving their efficiency and performance levels, regardless of the challenges posed by the pandemic.


Twilio’s unique approach to customer engagement and CX enhancement has made the company a stand-out choice for many business leaders over the years. Twilio powers personalized interactions and trusted global communications to connect customers and brands in any environment.

Twilio’s highly flexible ecosystem of tools is perfect for manufacturing companies searching for a unique range of solutions to complex customer service and team management problems. The portfolio of solutions also means you can connect with customers on their preferred channels, wherever they are in the world. There are powerful APIs to build solutions for all kinds of platforms.


A company committed to helping companies accelerate their digital transformation initiatives in the modern world, Avaya has achieved exceptional results for a range of manufacturing companies over the years. Avaya’s portfolio of communication technologies covers everything from internal communication and collaboration tools to contact centre solutions.

If you want an end-to-end solution for communication and collaboration, Avaya can help you to design an environment offering the best of both worlds. You can also expect a fantastic level of support and global reliability from Avaya.


One of the top providers of digital tools for sales, marketing, and service, HubSpot offers companies in the manufacturing industry everything they need to keep track of their clients and empower their teams. With dedicated solutions for the manufacturing sector, HubSpot ensures business leaders can get a better insight into their target audience with features like a free CRM and extensive segmentation. You can also create personas and distribute them to members of the team.

The great thing about HubSpot is its flexibility. You can choose which tools you need from various hubs to make your business more efficient. There’s also access to a range of integrations with existing tools you might be using and contact centre technology too. HubSpot’s solution can scale to suit the needs of any manufacturing team, large or small.


An innovator in cloud-based solutions for communications, collaboration, and customer service, RingCentral is a fantastic vendor for manufacturing brands. With RingCentral, business leaders can build comprehensive communication technology stacks, combining everything from back-end collaboration and workforce management with contact centre functionality.

You can design an omnichannel environment for delighting clients across a range of different environments and connect your CRM technology for in-depth consumer profiles. RingCentral also has the scalability and flexibility manufacturing companies need to expand their ecosystem across various landscapes.


Salesforce is one of the biggest companies in the CRM landscape for a reason. Known for offering a wide selection of customisable tools for service management and sales, Salesforce helps businesses from every industry grow at speed. With the Salesforce ecosystem, manufacturing companies can learn more about their audience, even if they’re working with global teams.

Salesforce’s intelligent tools for customer profiling and sales management make it easy to accelerate revenue opportunities and drive better business outcomes. With Salesforce, there’s also access to a wide selection of integration options, and artificial intelligence tools like Einstein.


Committed to aligning teams around the world and improving the customer experience at every point in the buying journey, Talkdesk has a host of fantastic tools to offer manufacturing companies. With the Talkdesk technology for customer experience, manufacturing companies searching for agility can access end-to-end innovation in the cloud.

Talkdesk can enable everything from better workforce engagement for your hybrid employees to omnichannel engagement for your target audience. There are AI tools available within the portfolio, as well as self-service options if you want to help customers solve problems for themselves. On top of all that Talkdesk also offers some of the best reporting and analytics around.


Easily one of the better-known companies in the communication space, Cisco offers a range of tools for manufacturing companies looking to upgrade connectivity and communications. With Cisco, business leaders can build everything from extensive collaboration ecosystems for hybrid teams, to contact centre environments with CRM connectivity.

Cisco’s tools for customer experience are designed to suit a range of business needs, with deployment options for all kinds of manufacturing companies. Cisco is also one of the major innovators working to implement new AI solutions into the CX environment.


Zoho offers ERP and CRM technology for manufacturing companies. If your growing manufacturing brand needs help managing the many moving parts of your organization, Zoho can help. With the easy-to-use software offered by Zoho, business leaders can gain a better understanding of their marketplace, audience, and their employees.

Zoho offers an easy way to strengthen relationships with your suppliers, keep an eye on your team productivity, and even make better decisions about the future of your company.


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