Verint Builds a Data Layer Over the Webex Contact Center

The Verint Open Platform’s Data Hub is now available via the Webex App Hub

Verint Builds a Data Layer Over the Webex Contact Center
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Published: April 3, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Cisco has made the Verint Open Platform’s Data Hub available to its Webex Contact Center customers via the Webex App Hub.

The Data Hub layers over the CCaaS platform – in addition to third-party tools – centralizing behavioral data from every customer conversation.

Whether that data comes from reporting, analytics, survey, quality assurance (QA), or another service-based solution – the data layer pulls it all together and gives it meaning.

Historically, all that data has resided in silos. As a result, limited data becomes useful to contact center leaders.

However, Webex Contact Center customers can now turn the screw. As Jono Luk, VP of Product Management at Webex by Cisco, added:

“Secure and accurate real-time data is critical for organizations to measure how they are performing against customer expectation.

Verint’s Data Hub is now available as an integration with Webex Contact Center, where customers will be able to enhance customer engagement across every area of the business.

To bring all the contact center’s behavioral data together, many organizations will have already built a data lake. Yet, that is no stroll in the park.

After all, IT leaders must build adapters, gather data, and normalize it.

Moreover, data lakes often fail to deliver on the real-time data needs of the contact center.

Thankfully, Verint’s Data Hub brings everything together more seamlessly, enabling real-time data use cases, and unlocking new value.

Such new value may come through better supporting deployments of contact center AI – as Data Hub can act as a gym for virtual agents and assistants.

In doing so, automation bots may better adapt to the changes within the business.

John Bourne, SVP of Global Channels and Alliances at Verint, shared his delight at bringing such capabilities to Webex Contact Center customers. He stated:

We’re excited to bring the power of CX automation to Webex App Hub to help brands unlock rich customer engagement data and drive strategic advantage.

That strategic advantage may transcend several contact center roles.

For instance, with Data Hub, agents may gain a holistic view of their performance trends and – with the addition of AI – receive real-time coaching.

Meanwhile, supervisors can leverage more granular insight into business metrics and then provide actionable guidance to agents and managers alike. They themselves may also make real-time contact center adjustments across channels.

Finally, analysts may improve compliance, boost processes, and optimize costs, while managers can make data-driven decisions on customer sentiment, contact center demand, and resource capacity.

Overall, contact center teams may benefit from increased visibility and decreased time from insight to action.

More from Verint & Webex

The close of Enterprise Connect 2024 last week brought to an end a busy start to the year for Verint and Webex.

Verint had just launched another of its specialized bots, “TimeFlex“, which aims to bolster agent schedule autonomy and efficiency.

That came after the release of several more bots and high-profile customer wins, including a $49MN megadeal with a prominent healthcare company.

Elsewhere, Webex launched a new CCaaS package in a bid to increase the proliferation of contact center solutions across the enterprise.



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