What’s New in the Customer Experience World?

Unpack several of the trends touching customer experience by skimming through insightful conversations with CX specialists

CX Trends What's New in the Customer Experience World

Published: July 1, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

While the CX headlines are awash with stories about generative AI (GenAI), many other customer experience trends are bubbling under the surface.

From spotting and addressing frictions within customer journeys to converging CCaaS, UCaaS, and CRM systems, a lot is happening in the space.

Still, GenAI may brush these trends aside. However, behind the flashy titles, there’s a lot happening in terms of people, processes, and other technologies to push the market forward.

Recognizing this, we contacted several pioneering tech and industry thought leaders from various customer experience subsets to record a series of 15 insightful discussions.

These leaders – each a winner at the 2024 CX Awards – touch upon a trending topic within the space and introduce how it’s changing customer experience.

In doing so, they contribute to a treasure chest of conversations and offer several gems of insight that will allow business leaders to sail their CX ships in the best direction possible.

These conversations make up our CX Trends 2024 series, which is available now!

Follow the link for the complete set of conversations, or read on to preview some of the standout sessions.

Trends Videos to Watch Out for

The following preview offers a sneak peek into three fascinating conversations within the CX Trends series.

1. CRM: 5 Trends Tearing Through the Market

Specifying one overarching trend within the fast-moving CRM space is almost impossible. But, with much thought, we narrowed the long list down to the top five.

These include the convergence of cross-function CRM systems, the rise of native virtual assistants, and much more.

Thankfully, Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research at Zoho, was on hand to run through each trend, sharing lots of additional insights along the way.

Want to watch the session? Check it out here!

2. Customer Experience Design: Removing Friction from Customer Journeys

Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer at the American Medical Association, knows so much about the fundamentals of CX design he’s written an entire book about it.

In this session, he discusses key insights from that book, the concept of the ten-second customer journey, and — as the title suggests — strategies to remove customer journey frictions.

Moreover, he reflects on his experiences as a Chief Experience Officer and how he overcame some of the widespread issues those in the role face.

Want to watch the session? Check it out here!

3. Proactive & Predictive Customer Support: How Lenovo Achieved It

Proactive customer service is not a new concept, and many companies have stopped innovating in this area after introducing customer push notifications. Lenovo is not one of those companies.

Instead, as part of its Premier Support proposition, it leveraged predictive technologies to pre-emptively overcome customer pain points and raise the CX bar.

Rebecca Achariyakosol, Executive Director of Global Product Services Strategy, Portfolio & Product Management at Lenovo, shares more about how the business did so and makes the case for rethinking the proactive customer support playbook.

Want to watch the session? Check it out here!

Where Can I Watch?

To scour the complete collection of CX Trend conversations, click here!

As each guest walked away from the 2024 CX Awards as a winner, they demonstrated a disruptive way of thinking about customer experience.

Moreover, they all come from companies that aren’t afraid to innovate, including Cisco, Google Cloud, and Verint – to name just a few.

As such, they’ve got a great grasp on the space, which they can’t wait to share.

Yet, perhaps most critically, we’ve tailored the series to unpack various trends from across the CX market, ensuring there’s something for every viewer.

So, now’s the time to flick through our series, seize new insights, and dive deeper into the all-encompassing world of customer experience.

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