HubSpot Launches Innovations to Fight the “Current Crisis of Disconnection”

New data management, customer journey analytics, and engagement channels join the HubSpot portfolio

HubSpot Launches Innovations to Fight the
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Published: September 8, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Creating connections with customers is more challenging than ever before, according to HubSpot.

Ironically, a critical factor in this trend is disconnections between business systems, thwarting the progress of customer experiences.

Yamini Rangan, Chief Executive Officer at HubSpot, stressed this when unveiling HubSpot’s latest release wave. She stated:

A major driver of that disconnection is the proliferation of new software and technology, making it hard for companies to connect with their data and systems, as well as with each other. HubSpot’s latest releases are a response to this current crisis of disconnection.

Indeed, many new platform features orientate toward deeper connections.

One excellent example is its new payment feature within the Sales Hub. These enable businesses to schedule payments and connect those directly with the CRM.

In addition, HubSpot has elevated its quote-to-cash solutions to streamline quoting, billing, and contracting processes.

However, perhaps the most striking additions are new data management capabilities, which cross each HubSpot platform.

Now, when they ingest data, the system will flag and sometimes automatically resolve errors before that data ever appears in the CRM dashboard.

In doing so, HubSpot aims to reduce the manual burden of isolating and combatting data errors. Instead, teams can free up time to dissect the data and develop targeted actions.

New Additions to the Service Hub

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions to the Service Hub is WhatsApp, which is now in public beta.

The integration allows service teams to connect their WhatsApp business account to a shared inbox. As such, businesses can communicate with customers via the channel without leaving the hub.

Alongside WhatsApp, companies can harness the Service Hub for voice, live chat, and SMS interactions, setting the stage for a modern, omnichannel contact center.

Meanwhile, the service desk is fully connected, offering shared inboxes with Sales and Marketing Hubs, enabling a detailed view customer journey.

Bolstering this further, HubSpot has now added full helpdesk capabilities for better case management, enabling the formation of richer CX data.

Harnessing this, contact centers can kickstart intelligent, proactive, and personalized campaigns while equipping support staff with clear customer journey insights.

New Additions to the Marketing Hub

HubSpot has moved quickly to add depth to its Marketing Hub following the announcement that it is hiking up the price of its stalwart CRM by 12 percent.

Perhaps most exciting is its new customer journey analytics solution, which provides detailed data visualizations, allowing teams to dissect what is happening at critical customer journey touchpoints.

Soon to be available in public beta, the innovation aims to pinpoint optimal moments in the journey for conversions while uncovering emerging trends in customer behavior.

HubSpot has also improved the hub’s campaign management features to enable a consolidated view of all past and present marketing activities.

Further announcements are likely as HubSpot INBOUND comes to a close this week.

At the event, which will include a keynote from Barack Obama, HubSpot will celebrate a year in which it has expanded further into Canada and invested in CCaaS vendor Aircall.




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