Oracle Brings More AI Capabilities to Service & Sales Teams

Unpack the new agent- and schedule-assist tools within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) suite

Oracle Brings More AI Capabilities to Service & Sales Teams
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Published: April 25, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Oracle has added new AI capabilities across its Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) suite.

The CX suite contains many applications that “go beyond traditional CRM”, covering service, sales marketing, commerce, advertising, finance, HR, and the supply chain.

Now, Oracle has sprinkled AI capabilities across the first two, following up its September 2023 mega-GenAI release across the CX suite.

Starting in Oracle Service, there is a new Gen AI Assisted Answer Generation feature that automatically creates contextually relevant responses to customer questions.

The capability, which leverages Oracle Digital Assistant, keeps a human in the loop, allowing service agents to review, edit, and send automated responses to customers.

As a result, agents can respond to customers more quickly, lowering the time they spend on simple queries and enabling them to focus on more complex customer issues.

Also within Oracle Service is a new Assisted Scheduling for Field Service feature that uses AI to streamline how service teams schedule field service technicians.

How? By automatically recommending jobs by considering factors such as technician availability, location, skills, billing status, estimated job duration, and travel time.

Aly Pinder, VP of Research at IDC, believes these additions to Oracle Service may bring many benefits to customers.

“Service resources are finite, so it is critical that organizations can predict, plan, and proactively activate the parts of service that can be automated,” he said. “This would also free up time to be spent on more complex and business-critical tasks that only a human can complete.

The latest updates to Oracle Service are good examples of how AI and machine learning models can improve customer experiences and create the efficiencies needed for service workers to be more productive.

Yet, the announcement is not all about Oracle Service, as Oracle Sales now has a Seller Engagement Recommendations tool.

The new feature provides targeted recommendations to sellers on which products to offer customers while surfacing insights into buyers’ roles and engagement levels.

Moreover, it pinpoints new opportunities for additional business with existing customers, helping to generate new deals and increase customer value.

Elsewhere, Oracle has added an Opportunity Qualification Scoring tool to the Oracle Unity CDP to help sellers and marketers target the ideal B2B buying groups for marketing campaigns and direct sales.

In doing so, it isolates key contacts within target accounts to improve opportunity qualification.

Oracle’s Approach to Safe & Secure GenAI

Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the backbone for these new GenAI use cases embedded across the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite.

With OCI’s Generative AI Service, Oracle promises never to share enterprise data with the large language model (LLM) provider.

Only the business itself can access the custom LLM and other AI models trained on its data.

Moreover, Oracle Fusion Applications include role-based security in their workflows to further safeguard sensitive information.

That role-based security approach ensures users only see the content they are authorized to view.

Elsewhere at Oracle, the enterprise tech giant recently launched an Enterprise Communications Platform (ECP), which serves up communication, network, and IoT capabilities.

With these new capabilities, businesses can extend their existing Oracle deployments and develop new vertical-specific solutions.


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