Oracle Reveals New Automation Capabilities for Sales Teams

Sandra Radlovački

The release will empower users of its Fusion Sales CRM to close deals faster

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Oracle Reveals New Automation Capabilities for Sales Teams

Oracle has released enhancements to its sales CRM platform – Oracle Fusion Sales – to help organisations better identify opportunities and close deals faster.

The platform provides users with automated quotes, proposals, and recommendations to help sales teams improve experiences and boost productivity.

Being part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience, Fusion Sales helps users improve customer interactions by offering a complete view of customers and prospects.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX), said:

“Traditional CRM systems were designed to be a system of record for planning and forecasting versus a tool to help sellers sell more. As a result, sellers spend countless hours on data entry and administration that stunts sales productivity.

“Applying 40 plus years of data and business process expertise, we have done the heavy lifting to engineer the next era of CRM. Oracle Fusion Sales removes the manual steps in the B2B sales process to help sellers close more deals faster and more efficiently.”

Focusing on automation with the new release, Oracle allows sellers to automate various processes, from requalifying leads to converting them into marketing opportunities. Being connected to Oracle Fusion Marketing, the platform streamlines the process by creating highly qualified leads and marking them for follow-up.

Users can also harness automated initial quotes, proposals, and implementation schedules as opportunities arise.

While a deal progresses, the CRM automatically updates quotes based on the latest data including a customer’s industry and prior successful deals.

In addition, users are equipped with marketing-approved content that is most likely to help progress the sale, saving both agents’ and customers’ time.

Finally, advanced revenue intelligence provides insights into business trends, and monitors customer sentiment and sales performance via Oracle Fusion CX Analytics.

On the data front, Oracle recently made its database services available on Microsoft Azure to enable Azure users to maximise the potential of their applications.


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